Are You and Your Apartment Ready for Hurricane Season?

Are You and Your Apartment Ready for Hurricane Season?

Are You and Your Apartment Ready for Hurricane Season?

Batten Down the Hatches

Kids are out of school and the humidity is out of control – summer is upon us once again. Living in Florida can feel like a year round summer vacation, which makes the Sunshine Hurricane SeasonState a huge tourist destination. But summer truly starts for us Floridians on June 1st, the beginning of hurricane season. While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a below average hurricane season this year, it does not mean we are not prepared. The predication states that there is a 70 percent confidence that there will be only between six to 11 tropical storms. The normal amount is 12 storms in the Atlantic. However we know very well that the weather can be very unpredictable. Get your apartment ready for hurricane season because being prepared is the first step to ensuring safety.



Emergency Preparedness Kit

Each year, I take out my emergency kit to make sure nothing expired. My kit includes tools like a small fire extinguisher, hammer, wrench, two flashlights, and batteries. We also have a first aid kit that has moist towelettes, extra garbage bags, dust masks, and duct tape. For food and water, we restock one gallon of water for each person per day for an emergency situation that can last up to three days and cans of food. Don’t forget a manual can opener and a battery-powered radio. This may seem like a lot but once you have your kit stocked, you just have to check it once a year in May. Safety first!



Evacuation Plan

Your Tampa apartment rental complex may have an evacuation plan prepared for the entire residential community. Stop by the front Florida hurricane evacuationsdesk to find out the details. But in case all poweror modes of communication are knocked out, you should have one exclusively for your apartment. Have local hard copies of maps handy in case you have to venture outside. If you are stuck in your apartment stay in a smaller room that is windowless like a bathroom or closet. Have a relative or friend as an out of state contact for emergencies in case your family gets separated. Make sure each family member knows the name and phone number of the appointed contact.



Have Cash

Once a hurricane warning is issued, get to an ATM and get cash. In the unlikely event of an emergency, people will rush to get cash out. If power is lost, businesses cannot access credit card lines so having cash can make your emergency a little more manageable.



What’s the Difference Between Hurricane Watch and Hurricane Warning

The Hurricane SeasonPlease remember that a hurricane watch is issued when a storm is expected to arrive with 36 hours. If there is a hurricane warning, you have 24 hours before the arrival of the storm.

Stay safe and be prepared this hurricane season in your apartment rental.

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