The Best of Brevard County

Dining and discovering! Brevard County has it all!


Centrally located with year round sunshine, Brevard County is a great place to live, eat and shop. There is so much history from it’s founding in 1844 to Ponce De Leon landing upon the sandy beaches to the countless rockets launched from Kennedy Space Center. Make the most of your time living in Brevard County whether in an apartment rental or home with our list of the best of Brevard County.

Check out our list of the best of Brevard County!

    1. For an unforgettable dining experience, Ulysses Prime Steakhouse has been chosen as one of the best restaurants on the Space Coast. Some will even say that this is the best steak you will eat in all of Florida.

Ulysses Prime Steakhouse


    1. The economy in Brevard County is among the fastest growing counties in the state. Tourism is Brevard’s County’s number one source of income. Since the Kennedy Space Center opened in 1969, the local economy grew over night. This is where the country launched the first rockets as well as manned missions. This is why the tourist hot spot has been nick named the “Space Coast.” The Kennedy Space Center offers the community over 15,000 jobs not only at the space center but also contributes to local agriculture production and the development of scientific equipment. Each year, around 1.2 million people from around the world visit the Space Center to learn and visit from it’s inception 45 years ago.


Kennedy Space Center

    1. Brevard County is home to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge which was established in 1963 around the Kennedy Space Center, houses over 1,500 species of animals and plants. The refuge spans almost 140,000 acres that includes water habitats, forest and sand dunes.


Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

    1. The area code was changed to 321 in honor of all the launches that had the 3-2-1 countdown sequence.


Kennedy Space Center Launch

    1. Brevard County is also home to Port Canaveral. Cruise ship companies like Disney and Royal Caribbean have cruise ships based out of there. The port generates over $1 billion in revenue each year and offers 13,000 local jobs.


Port Canaveral

    1. In Cocoa, the University of Central Florida has a campus where they run a research institute called the Florida Solar Energy Center which is the biggest facility in the United States for research on renewable energy.


Florida Solar Energy Center

    1. The high schools in Brevard County lead the state in the amount of students who are currently enrolled in college courses as well as secondary courses.


Brevard County High Schools

    1. Brevard County has a very large sense of community. Each month there are a large amount of events that take place such as the Grant Seafood Festival, concerts, downtown area festivals and many more.


Grant Seafood Festival

    1. Disney World is less than an hour and a half drive away! You can have the fun of Disney all day and head back to the serene atmosphere of Brevard County.


Disney World

    1. There is always something to do in Brevard County, rain or shine. Florida boasts some of the best weather year around and when the sun is shining there are over 200 parks and 6 golf courses in Brevard County. However, during one of the sun showers, you can always visit one of the historical libraries as well as the Kennedy Space Center.


Brevard County Golf Courses

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