The Perfect Plants and Produce for Your Apartment Rental

Finding the right plant for your apartment rental is like finding the perfect pet. You need to make sure you love it, real or fake, and accept the responsibility that comes with one. Being in the sunshine state, we are lucky when it comes to gardening because we have the ability to grow plants and produce outside all year long. Not every one of these plants needs to go outside though. and there are many you can grow inside to cook within your apartment! Take a peek at our list to see which plant might be best for your apartment rental in Florida.

Lemon or Lime Trees

Lemon Tree

Florida has the idea environment to plant these fruits. What can be better than grabbing a fresh lemon or lime right off of your tree in your backyard? If you are using seeds from either of those actual fruits, soak the seeds overnight and plant them ½ inch deep in potting soil. Next step is to cover the pot with a plastic bag and put it outside in the sun. Once seedlings start to sprout, remove the plastic bag and enjoy watching your glorious tree(s) grow. Lemon and lime trees will take a little while to produce fruit but the wait is worth it.

Pineapple Trees

Pineapple Tree

A pineapple tree is great because it can be started indoors and then brought outdoors. Bet you didn’t know that the leafy part of a pineapple is what could be planted and grown into a pineapple tree. All you need to do is twist off the leafy part, peel off some of the leaves to reveal the roots, and plant it. You can also place the pineapple in a jar of water and grow it inside instead of planting it outside. Pineapple roots are really pretty and this could be a really pretty accent piece for your apartment. Whatever your preference is, bragging rights have officially been earned.



It is nice to grow herbs like oregano inside because it is easily accessible when cooking. Indoors they are also kept away from pesky bugs. Oregano can be grown from seeds but they do not need to be covered in soil. The seeds can simply be placed in the seed tray, misted with water and covered with plastic until they start to sprout. Place in a sunny location like a windowsill.

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