4 Free Things to do in Tampa, FL

As you might already know, there’s always something going on in Tampa. From sporting events, to the famous Gasparilla festival that happens every January, there are many events that you might look forward to. Looking to save some cash, but find something to do? Here are four activities that fit any budget.

Look for Manatees!

Look for Manatees

Manatees can be seen in many shallow areas in the Tampa Bay, along with many rivers and streams, according to savethemanatee.org. Tampa Electric offers a special manatee viewing area at the Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach. During the winter, manatees migrate there due to the heated water that discharges from the plant.

Walk, Run, or, Bike Along Bayshore Boulevard

Bayshore Boulevard

Source: Instagram (@esotericnerd)

With over 4.5 miles of waterfront roadways and sidewalks, Bayshore Boulevard is a great place to walk, run, or bike. You can go from Downtown Tampa to Ballast Point Park via a designated bike lane and wide sidewalk. Once you get south of Downtown Tampa, you can also cross the street and admire the beautiful houses that line the Boulevard.

Tour the Yuengling Brewery (21+)

Tour the Yuengling Brewery

Source: Instagram (@yuenglingbeer)

Yuengling opened up their Tampa brewery in 1999, which brought this Pennsylvania based beer to Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee. Tours of the brewery are free, and take place everyday except for Sunday. Free samples of a variety of Yuengling beers are given out during the tour. Closed-toe shoes are required for safety reasons.

Explore the Tampa Firefighter Museum

Tampa Firefighter Museum

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The Tampa Firefighters Museum served as the headquarters of the Tampa Fire Department from 1911-1974. This museum is great for kids because it offers exhibits that are hands on and interactive. Exhibits include Tampa Fire memorabilia, along with a piece of metal salvaged from the World Trade Center in New York City. While the museum is free to visit, donations can be made on their website.

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