Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

How to Prepare for a Hurricane in Your Apartment Rental

Are you ready for hurricane season? Hurricanes and tropical storms are a frequent threat to all Floridians, especially those that live in the coastal regions. In fact, if you live anywhere in the southeastern United States, it is important to educate yourself about the steps you need to take to be hurricane-ready. Take a few minutes to review our hurricane preparedness checklist now and ensure you will be ready if a large storm hits your area this season.

Know Your Evacuation Zones

Hurricane Evacuation Route Sign

First and foremost, you must be informed. Residents of Palm Springs Condos fall in Evacuation Zone A, according to the Brevard County Emergency Management Office. Palm Springs Condos is evacuated whenever a Hurricane is expected to threaten Brevard County, as it lies on a barrier island. Note that in areas where a mandatory evacuation is ordered, it means that emergency services will not be available due to extreme conditions.

If you don’t already, make an emergency evacuation plan to stay with friends or family. If you don’t have friends or family that you can stay with, make sure to map out the nearest emergency shelter locations. Also be sure that you think about pet-friendliness if you need to evacuate, as pets cannot be left behind. Here is a list of shelters for both Brevard County and Hillsborough County.

Riding Out The Storm

Flashlight on Table

Most of our residents will not need to evacuate their communities and will shelter-in-place. Each of our communities is built with hurricane resistant glass, so you won’t need to worry about boarding up windows. Even if you’re not in the direct path of a storm, you’ll need to be prepared for an entirely new set of possible complications including loss of power and other storm hazards such as downed trees, flying debris and more. Ensure that important documents like birth certificates, medical, and insurance information is all in waterproof containers. If you live in a community where you need key access for stairs, please ensure that you have your key before the storm hits.

Pack a go-bag filled with anything you’d need if you had to exit your home quickly, including important documents and other irreplaceable items.


First Aid Kit

Whether you stay or go, you will want to stock up on a range of important supplies well in advance of the storm’s arrival. When people receive news that the storm is approaching landfall, there will be a rush to grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. You don’t want to be in a situation where you and your loved ones are without food, water or medicine. That’s why it is important to stock up on supplies early – when the shelves are still full. Make sure to charge all of your devices before the storm hits. Consider picking up some mobile phone chargers from a local electronics store or on Amazon now before they run out.

Grab loads of water and non-perishable food items. Keep in mind you might be without power and choose your supplies accordingly! Head to the pharmacy and refill any vital medications and visit your local gas station to fill up your vehicles. It is a good idea to grab extra fuel, too – just in case. Purchase one or two, 5-gallon gas tanks and fill those up while you are there. Extra gas can be used as fuel for vehicles and generators, which makes it one of the ultimate hurricane preparedness supplies.

After that, it’s time to hunker down and see what the storm brings. You might even be able to enjoy the storm a bit now that you can relax knowing that you’re prepared for whatever might come your way. If you have the time, you should also read up on what you should do after the hurricane passes through.