Best Beaches for Treasure Hunting in Brevard County, FL

Treasure hunting is a centuries-old pastime that can be fun for people of any age Part of Brevard County’s beaches fall within Florida’s Treasure Coast, making it a great spot to dig up coins, precious metals and other artifacts, and Florida beaches are no exception. Here are some ways you can get started with treasure hunting, along with where in Brevard County to go.

When are the Best Times to Go Treasure Hunting

Metal Detecting at Sunset
The best times to go treasure hunting are just after a storm, when objects are most likely to have washed up on shore, and during low tide, when as much wet sand is exposed as possible.

Where Are The Best Places to Look for Treasure?

Metal Detector on Beach in Florida
It is important to know where on the beach to conduct your search. The best places to look for treasure on Florida’s beaches are along the high-tide line and along the wet sand that is exposed each time waves recede from the coastline.

Best Beaches for Treasuring Hunting in Brevard County, FL

Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach, FL
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First on our list is Melbourne Beach. History tells us that due to a hurricane in the summer of 1715, eleven Spanish ships were sunk along the shorelines leaving a trove of Spanish treasures for dedicated hunters to find. A hop, skip and a jump from Melbourne’s Princeton Park apartment community, treasure seekers flock to the shores of Melbourne Beach year-round in hopes of finding genuine Spanish treasures from centuries ago.

Indian Harbour Beach

Beach entrance Indian Harbour Beach, FL
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Located near the prestigious, yet affordable, Palm Springs Condos, Indian Harbour Beach offers treasure hunters an ideal location to search for lost treasures long buried within the Atlantic Ocean. A small beach located just south of Satellite Beach, which in and of itself offers unparalleled opportunities to find treasures of all types and sizes, Indian Harbour Beach is known by locals and treasure-seekers alike for having rare Spanish coins and other valuable collectibles that are rumored to have been lost by those same Spanish voyagers back in 1715.

Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet, FL
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Sebastian Inlet is another great spot for treasure hunters, and many of the 1715 Spanish shipwreck treasures have been found in this very spot. In fact, treasure hunters found nearly $300,000 worth of treasure there back in 1988. Their haul included jewelry, artifacts, coins and more. Also of interest to treasure hunters visiting Sebastian inlet are the local treasure museums. McLarty Treasure Museum is located at the National Historic Landmark of the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet salvaging camp and includes original artifacts such as gear, weapons, treasure and more. Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum, also nearby, is known throughout the treasure world as having one of the most spectacular collections of Spanish artifacts and treasures in the world.

Sunnyland Beach

Sunnyland Beach, FL
Located just south of Melbourne Beach, Sunnyland Beach is the site of treasures from shipwrecks throughout the ages. Ships, boats, sailboats and more have washed up on the shores of Sunnyland Beach throughout its history with “ghost ships” seen as recently of September 2017. While the history and stories of these vessels are largely unknown, there is great hope in the treasure hunting community that vast treasures await just off the shores of Sunnyland Beach.