Living by the Coast: Facts & Information About Melbourne, FL

Local Info About Melbourne, FL

Nestled within the southern part of Florida, Melbourne is the second largest municipality in Brevard County. Most of Melbourne is on the mainland, but a small part of it can be found on a barrier island near the Indian River Lagoon. The city houses several top-performing schools and recreational facilities, so it is very attractive to potential homeowners. Continue reading if you would like to learn more about Melbourne and its history.

Melbourne’s History

Melbourne, Fl Sunset
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Before the city of Melbourne was founded, it is believed that Paleo-Indians used to live in the area where it now stands. The city itself was officially founded in 1867 by several former slaves who were freed following the conclusion of the Civil War. Some of these individuals include Captain Peter Wright, Balaam Allen, and the Wright Brothers. In those early days, the city was referred to as Cane Creek.

Among the early settlers was a man named Cornthwaite John Hector, who helped give the city its final name and was its first postmaster. Hector spend most of his life in Melbourne, Australia, and this Florida city was given the name Melbourne to honor him.

Population & Local Information

Melbourne City Hall
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As of the 2017 Census, the population of Melbourne is currently estimated to be around 82,011. The only city in Brevard County to have a larger population is Palm Bay. Adding to this, the estimated median household income for Melbourne is $43,159. Thanks to its proximity to the equator, Melbourne enjoys almost 300 sunny days throughout the year. The city hosts numerous events throughout the year, including the Melbourne Arts Festival in April. An interesting fact about Melbourne is that it hosted the official Olympic Torch Relay back in 1996.

Transportation Options

Melbourne Airport Interior
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Melbourne hosts several options for transportation, including bus transit via Space Coast Area Transit. In addition, Interstate 95 runs from north to south of Melbourne, making it an excellent asset for commuters. Other major roadways that go through Melbourne include the Beachline Expressway and US 192. Anyone who needs to fly out of state can visit the Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Did you know that the Melbourne International Airport once served as Naval Air Station Melbourne in the 1940’s? Before it transitioned into becoming an airport, this facility was used to train new pilots that were brought on during World War II.

School Information

Since Melbourne is part of Brevard County, the local schools are operated by Brevard Public Schools. Out of all the schools found in this district, the schools in Melbourne are considered some of the best schools offered in the county. Palm Bay Magnet High School serves as the primary high school for the city.

In regards to higher education, there are several top-performing colleges and universities in this city. Eastern Florida State College and the Florida Institute of Technology, are just two of the many schools stationed in Melbourne. Melbourne’s first school was built in 1883, and now serves as an exhibit on the FIT campus after it was restored.

What You Can Do In Melbourne

Brevard Zoo
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Many people move into Melbourne every year so they can get easy access to the city’s wide selection of attractions. One of the city’s most well-known attractions is the Brevard Zoo, an internationally famous facility that houses over 195 species of animals from across the planet. You can also visit the King Center for the Performing Arts to view one of many live performances.

Another one of Melbourne’s famous attractions is the Space Coast Complex, which was the official home of the Brevard County Manatees minor league baseball team. Do you like to golf? Melbourne offers a few well-known golf courses, including Mallards Landing and Crane Creek Reserve.

Anyone looking for a good place to shop can visit Melbourne Square, which offers several stores and dining options.

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