Hurricane Preparedness: Preparing for Storms as an Apartment Resident

Hurricanes in Florida

Powerful hurricanes can form at any time, but from early June until the end of November they frequently form in the Atlantic Ocean. With the arrival of summer comes rising temperatures along the surface of the sea, which allows the storms to intensify. These storms tend to hit citizens of the southeastern United States the hardest, which is why you need to be prepared in when a hurricane is projected to pass through your area.  

Familiarize yourself with the different aspects of hurricane readiness so you can be prepared when the warnings go out. 

Do I Need to Evacuate? What Do I Do If I Have To? 

Hurricane View from Space

One of the first parts of hurricane preparation is determining whether or not you should evacuate from the area. Some regions are more susceptible to storm surges and floods than others, and staying in these places is not advised. Check the news online or tune in to your local weather station to see if an evacuation has been ordered for your county. 

In the case an evacuation has been ordered, do some research online to find a safe zone you can travel to. Apartments at Garden Communities Florida are designed with resilient glass windows, so you will not need to board them up before you leave. If you are worried about the safety of certain personal belongings, plan to take them with you when you head out.   

Pack up important ID papers, including you driver’s license, insurance documents, medical records, and your social security card so you can properly identify yourself. If you have a pet with you, be sure to come up with a plan for bringing it with you when you leave. Evacuating from one of our apartments is rare, but it would be wise to keep these tips in mind just in case. 

How Do I Prepare If I Am Staying? 

Charging iPhone

Most of you will be staying in your apartments during the hurricane, and there are plenty of thing that you need to do to prepare. First, review your insurance policies to ensure you can replace certain items if they are damaged in the storm. If you have a smartphone, make sure you fully charge it ahead of time. Power outages are common during hurricanes, and you want to have a way to reach out to others if your apartment goes dark.  

Be sure to bring in furniture or planters you are keeping outside to ensure nothing flies away in the strong winds. Finally, take the time to determine the safest place to be in your apartment; staying in a room with no windows would be a wise decision. Taking these steps early will ensure there are as few issues as possible when the hurricane rolls in. 

What Supplies Will I Need? 


Whether you are staying at your apartment or leaving to a safer location, there are several things you need to be prepared for an incoming hurricane. Water is an absolute necessity; make sure you pick up at least one gallon for each person in your group per day, with enough overall to last at least three days. Buy food for the three days as well, particularly non-perishable food that will not expire quickly. 

A flashlight is an essential item to have if the power goes out, since candles can be extremely dangerous to use if certain appliances have been damaged. Pick up an extra set of batteries as a precaution so you do not risk being stuck in the dark. Get yourself a first aid kit packed with essential medical supplies in case you or one of your roommates gets hurt. Finally, grab a radio so you can stay tuned to updates if the power goes out. 

Keep in mind that you are not the only one who needs these supplies. It would be wise to do your shopping as early as you can to ensure that you have everything you need before the storm hits. 

What Should I Do When The Storm Hits? 

Active Radio

Once you are prepared for the hurricane, it’s important that you know how to keep safe once it arrives. The most important thing is to stay indoors until officials have confirmed that the hurricane has passed. A pause in the action could be because you are in the eye of the storm. The severe weather will hit again shortly after, and you do not want to be outside when that happens. 

Stay tuned to your TV or radio to keep up to date with the latest information about the storm’s position, and to keep an ear out for safety recommendations. Keep away from windows, and consider turning off your appliances as the weather ramps up. Do not take any unnecessary risks, and ride out the storm until it passes over completely.  

Another important aspect of hurricane preparation is knowing what to do after the storm subsides.

Be sure to read our tips for that as well.