Celebrate Winter Break: Great Winter Activities in Tampa, FL

Finding Ways to Unwind During the Winter Season

With the arrival of December, many of our apartment residents in Tampa will find themselves with more free time. College and university students will be on winter break, and many people with jobs will be taking some time off. With this extra time on your hands, you may not be sure what to do with yourself.

While Tampa’s sunny weather is one of the best things about the area, the weather does keep you from doing many traditional winter activities. Snow may not show up often around here, but there’s still plenty you can do to unwind. Check out some of the fun things you can do in Tampa when you have time off in winter.

Check Out ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Wooden Entrance for ZooTampa, Located at Lowry Park
Source; Yelp

A fun thing you can do with the family during the winter is to visit ZooTampa at Lowry Park. This zoo protects over 1,300 species of animals, many of which are endangered. Visitors can take part in animal encounters to see the animals up close, and have fun on the Roaring Springs water ride.

Since the temperatures are much lower during the winter, you won’t have to worry about the Florida heat getting in your way. In addition, the Christmas in the Wild event is held late into the month of December. During this event the park is adorned with thousands of lights, and a special animal show, “Animal Network Presents: Shopping for All,” is presented.

Try Your Hand at Orange Picking

Many Oranges Sliced Open, Packaged Together in a Bo

Another fun activity to try during Florida’s winter season is orange picking. Florida’s oranges ripen during the fall season, making winter an excellent time to find the tastiest fruits in the state. If want to try some fresh, tasty oranges, there are many different places you can visit in Tampa, such as:

  • Dooley Groves
  • Bearss Groves
  • Mixon Fruit Farms
  • Hummingbird Gardens

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh oranges, so stop by one of these locations and do some orange picking.

Visit Winter Village at Curtis Hixon Park

Winter Village Sand Sculpture at Curtis Hixon Park in Tamp
Source: Yelp

One of the downsides of Florida’s warmer weather is that it doesn’t give Tampa much of a holiday appearance. If you’re looking to do something more festive, Tampa Bay Lightning hosts a Winter Village at the Curtis Hixon Park. This winter village remains open from late November until early January, and offers fun activities for all age groups.

The park features Tampa’s only ice rink, so if you’ve never tried ice skating before this is your chance to do so. You can also visit the local boutiques and shop for jewelry, home décor, and other holiday gifts. A lighted boat parade is also hosted the Saturday before Christmas, so plan accordingly if you’d like to see it.

See Some Lights Displays

Multicolor Christmas Light Display for Winter Event at Busch Park in Tampa
Source: Yelp

Another great way to get into the festive spirit is to check out one of the many lights displays set up around Tampa. We’ve highlighted a few below, but feel free to check out the full list here.

A popular spot to check out is the Wonderland of Lights, which is hosted at the Hillsborough County Fairgrounds. Until the end of January, you can view a mile-long display along the streets of Brandon, FL. Circus attractions and other rides will also be hosted, so this is a great place to bring the kids to.

If you plan to stop by Busch Gardens during the winter, be sure to check out the lights display at the Christmas Town set up each year. Holiday lights will also be displayed at the Florida Botanical Gardens.

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