Get to Know Some Great Schools in Tampa & Hillsborough County, FL

Great Schools Along the Tampa Bay

One of the best reasons to move to Tampa is that you’ll be close to some of the best schools in the state. The Hillsborough County Public School District operates dozens of educational facilities and has employed hundreds of professional teachers for its students. If you’re looking for a good community to move to with your kids, Hillsborough County is an excellent option. 

Tampa Palms Elementary School 

Logo for Tampa Palms Elementary, With Eagle
Source: Yelp

Address: 6100 Tampa Palms Blvd., Tampa, FL 33647 
Phone: (813) 975-7390 
By the Numbers: 

  • Graded A- on 
  • #18 Best Public Elementary School in Hillsborough County 
  • 7/10 rating overall on 
  • 8/10 for test scores, 9/10 for student progress 
  • 928 students, 13:1 student ratio

Tampa Palms is regarded as one of the top elementary schools in Tampa. Thanks to its collection of professional teachers, student performance here is among the strongest you’ll see in the entire state. According to School Digger, Tampa Palms performed better than 80.4% of elementary schools in Florida. 

It has also been recognized as one the Five Star Schools of the Tampa Bay Area, which is awarded to schools with strong community involvement. Students that attend this school will enjoy more than a good curriculum here. There’s also a wide range of extracurricular activities, including band, chorus, baseball, cross country, and others. 

Claywell Elementary School 

Claywell Elementary Class of 2020 Signs
Source: Facebook

Address: 4500 Northdale Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33624 
Phone: (813) 975-7300 
By the Numbers: 

Claywell Elementary is another well-regarded elementary school in Tampa. The school was built in 1982, and was named after Henry Claywell, whose contributions to Tampa’s educational system were unprecedented. The school’s teachers and staff members work each day to meet the standards Claywell set all those years ago. 

Some of the extracurricular activities offered here include chorus, computer arts, and drama performances. Parents can get involved with the school’s PTA group, which allows teachers to get a better understanding of what students need to do their best. 

Liberty Middle School 

Desks & Chairs in Liberty Middle School Classroom
Source: Yelp

Address: 17400 Commerce Park Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33647 
Phone: (813) 558-1180 
By the Numbers: 

  • Graded B+ on 
  • #22 Best Public Middle School in Hillsborough County 
  • 8/10 rating for student progress on 
  • 7/10 for test scores 
  • 1,221 students, 19:1 teacher to student ratio

Despite having more students than most local middle schools, Liberty Middle School excels in student progress. In 2019, it ranked better than 63% of other middle schools throughout the state, according to SchoolDigger. At this school, staff members work tirelessly to create a safe environment for students, one where they’re motivated each and every day. 

The school boasts a selection of clubs that can help stimulate students after classes are finished. These include a Mathletes team, and a large selection of after school sports, among others. The school also offers some digital tech courses, including a video game design course, for students with an interest in technology. 

Ben Hill Middle School

Ben Hill Middle School Logo, With a Bear
Source: Facebook

Address: 5200 Ehrlich Road, Tampa, FL 33624 
Phone: (813) 975-7325 
By the Numbers: 

  • Graded B+ on 
  • 7/10 rating for student progress on 
  • 71% proficiency in civics
  • 953 students, 17:1 teacher to student ratio 

Nestled within Northdale, Ben Hill Middle School is a facility with a focus on student experience. Since 1986, the school has offered programs that focus on developing positive behavior, strong leadership skills, and citizenship. To the teachers of Ben Hill, helping students develop these skills is a crucial part of getting them ready for life after school. 

The school is famous for its award-winning electives, which include academic competitions, a robotics program, and culinary courses. Sports teams are also set up for basketball, football, track, and soccer. Students also have access to the Scholar Quest program, which gives them the chance to take advanced courses and receive high school credits early.

Freedom High School 

Just Outside the Football Field for Freedom High School
Source: Facebook

Address: 17410 Commerce Park Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33647 
Phone: (813) 558-1185 
By the Numbers: 

  • Graded B on 
  • 87% rate for 4-year high school graduation, according to 
  • 1,979 students, 21:1 student ratio 

Established in 2002, Freedom High School was built for one reason: to prepare students for life after school. By crafting a safe environment for students to learn in, the staff members here can teach students the abilities and moral standards they’ll need to find success. 

The school offers a wide range of extracurricular programs, including band, chorus, and a wide range of after school sports. Before and after school tutoring sessions are also available for students, if they require them.

Students who do particularly well in class are invited to try out for the National Honor Society and will have a chance to earn college scholarships.

Gaither High School

Outside View of Gaither High School
Source: Wikipedia

Address: 16200 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33618
Phone: (813) 975-7340
By the Numbers: 

  • Graded B+ on 
  • Ranked #9 in Niche’s Standout High Schools in Tampa Area 
  • 7/10 for college readiness on
  • 2,020 students, 20:1 student ratio

Vivian Gaither High School is one of the standout high schools of the Tampa Bay Area. The school opened on August 27, 1984, and was developed into an educational facility where students of any skill level could succeed. A wide range of curriculums are taught here, including mathematics, business tech, anatomy, foreign language, and much more. 

Several clubs and activities are offered here as well, and include an art club, a chess club, a computer animation club, and many others. Interested students are also invited to take part in the Navy Junior ROTC, should military service be something they’re interested in. With such a wide range of programs and classes offered here, this school will appeal to almost every type of student. 

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