How Florida Renters Can Adjust to Climate Change & Rising Sea Levels

Dealing With Climate Change as a Florida Apartment Renter

Floods have always been a concern for those who live near the coast. With temperatures going up each year, the sea level continues to rise, creating a higher chance for floods. Often, all it takes is the tide level being slightly higher than normal for problems to arise. 

Florida apartment renters have been making adjustments to their daily routines so they can be prepared if such an issue occurs. If you’re renting an apartment on the coast, here are some of the things you can do to keep safe. 

Always Have a Plan Ready to Go

Harsh Rainstorm Causing a Flood

When you’re living in an apartment in a coastal community, there’s always a possibility for a flood to occur. Even if that chance is small, one can still happen unexpectedly. Therefore, you should always have an evacuation plan set in place. Research the local area and see if you can find a place on higher ground that you and everyone in your apartment can go to. 

By planning this out early, you’ll be able to get out of your apartment as soon as possible. With something as dangerous as a flood, you can’t risk making up a plan as you go along. You need to be prepared so you can get moving right away. 

Keep Electronics & Important Items Elevated

Black Cabinet With a Plant & More On Top

Continuing from the last point, it would also be a good idea to keep your personal possessions elevated. If your apartment does get flooded, anything that isn’t high up will probably get damaged, with no way to repair it. You won’t be able to grab everything in a hurry, so keep important documents, jewelry and other items in the top drawers of your cabinets so they’ll stay safe. 

On a similar note, it would also be wise to keep wires and other electronic devices off the ground. Not only will these items get damaged by the water, but the electricity will also make your apartment a dangerous place to return to. If you have to leave your apartment because of a flood, make sure you unplug all appliances and electronic devices beforehand. 

Get Renters Insurance for Flood Damage

Writing a Document With Laptops Nearby

If you live in a coastal community and don’t have renters insurance, you need to get it. Landlords will cover damages to the appliances in your apartment, but they won’t do so for anything you brought in yourself. In the case that something does get damaged, renters insurance will allow you to get some money back. 

Renters insurance also provides you with additional expenses for any situation where you need to leave the apartment. This can help you pay for living accommodations and can help you cover emergency supplies. Most people will need to evacuate in the case of a flood, so renters insurance is a crucial asset for any apartment owner in Florida. 

For additional protection, you should take pictures off all your personal possessions for future reference. If any items get damaged due to a storm or a flood, you’ll have an easier time getting compensation. You can find more information on what to do after a hurricane or flood right here.

Be More Sustainable With Energy Consumption

Black Plug Pulled From a Wall Outlet

Climate change is a major issue, but fortunately there are ways to combat it. By choosing to live more sustainably, we can lower the impact we have on rising temperatures, and slow the rise in sea levels. There are several ways to do this; one of them involves lowering your energy consumption.

We have a habit of relying on electricity, and we end up leaving certain devices on without thinking of the consequences. Overproduction of electricity leads to air pollution, which results in rising temperatures across the country. By reducing our reliance on electricity, we can help the environment and reduce the impact of climate change. 

If a particular device doesn’t need to be in use for a while, unplug it to prevent energy from leaking out. Use cold water instead of warm water when washing your clothes, and try not to rely on the air conditioning quite as much. Making small adjustments like these can go a long way. 

Recycle & Reduce Waste

Drawing of a Person Recycling

Besides conserving energy, you can also help the planet by properly disposing of waste. Most of the things we throw away end up in landfills where they’ll decompose and produce harmful emissions. Substances like carbon dioxide can raise temperatures dramatically when they’re in high abundance, so finding better ways to dispose of waste is crucial.

The easiest way to do this is by recycling. Instead of tossing cans, newspapers and bottles, speak with your landlord to see if there’s a recycling program at your community. You can also take your items to a recycling facility to have them taken care of. 

Reducing the amount of garbage you produce will also help in this regard. When you go shopping, it would also be a good idea to bring a reusable shopping bag with you. That way, you can carry out everything you buy without having to take a bag you’ll probably toss out anyway. 

Inquire About Planting

Planting a Young Sprout into the Soil

There are several benefits to planting trees and flowers. Not only do they enhance the surrounding area, they also provide benefits to the environment. Most notably, plants take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which reduces the amount that’s released into the air. 

If you’re interested in doing this, you’ll need to speak with your landlord first. Some landlords don’t like residents digging up the soil around the property, so you’ll want to clear this with them first. If your landlord approves, work together to see what kinds of plants and trees should be instated.

Try working with some other residents to plant gardens around the community to provide environmental benefits. 

Protecting yourself from a flood is one of the many reasons to get renters insurance. Check out some of the other reasons why you should get it.