Everything You Should Know About Living in Brevard County, FL

72 miles of gorgeous Atlantic Ocean beaches, Brevard County, FL – also known as the Space Coast – offers a superior quality of life that it is no wonder over 50,000 people call it home. Residents enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere and the multitude of recreational and cultural activities. Families flock to the Space Coast for its superior education opportunities, booming job market, and lower cost of living. Retirees and empty-nesters also enjoy the lifestyle and opportunities that Brevard County has to offer.

The History of Brevard County

Welcome to Brevard County roadside sign located on Florida State Highway A1A surrounded by Palm trees
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Before Florida became a part of the American Union, the area where Brevard County now stands was used by several tribes, including the Ais and the Jaega. After Florida became an official state, many of the established counties split up and gained new names. One of these counties, St. Lucie, was formed from the split of the historic Mosquito County, which faded out of existence in 1844.

Before long, St. Lucie County (also known as St. Lucia County) was renamed to Brevard County in 1855, which is what we know it as today. The county got its current name from Theodore Washington Brevard, who served as Florida’s Comptroller for a short period of time. In 1848, the first official settlement was set up in the county; it could be found near Cape Canaveral.

Facts & General Information

The Visitor Center at Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Based on a recent census, Brevard County has a population of approximately 615,420 people. The median household income for Brevard County residents is $57,305 as of 2019. Since 1894, Titusville has served as the seat of this county.

Brevard County is known as the Space Coast due to the fact that it is home to the Kennedy Space Center. In fact, the county’s area code is 321 – much like the 3-2-1 countdown sequence used during shuttle liftoffs. The Space Center plays a major role in the county’s economy and the area code was chosen to commemorate this.

Florida is notorious for its hurricanes, but Brevard County usually avoids the worst of the storms and sees fewer hurricane-related damages compared to other areas in the coastal regions of Florida. By the time it takes the hurricane to get to the northeast area of Brevard County it has weakened and become a tropical storm rather than a full-on hurricane. This is the reason why Port Canaveral and NASA have put down roots in Brevard County.

Transportation Information

HART Bus in Tampa
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Space Coast Area Transit serves as the primary operator of public transportation in Brevard County. Bus and van-pool park-and-ride services are offered here, and with them you can easily get around the county in no time at all. You can also visit the Melbourne International Airport if you need to fly out of the state.

Brevard County’s Interstate 95 goes from the norther border all the way to the southern border and connects to all the cities in the area. In addition, Route 192 connects downtown Melbourne to Osceola County. These roadways are ideal for commuters who need to travel around the county in a quick and efficient manner.

Top-Rate Education

Rockledge High School in Brevard County Florida
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Brevard County has one of the largest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Florida. As of 2021, there are 124 public schools serving 73,524 students in Brevard County. If you would like to research which schools are best in this district, you can read more here.

If you are looking for higher education, Brevard County has a few good options. Two of the main schools in the county are Eastern Florida State College and the Florida Institute of Technology. In 2018, two students from the Florida Institute of Technology took both Sunshine State Conference’s 2017-18 Scholar-Athlete of the Year awards that were presented. If you would like a complete list, you can read more here.

Local Attractions & Features

Large Bed in a Harvard Apartments Room
Harvard Apartments

Residents looking to explore Brevard County will be pleased to know that there a wide variety of recreational activities throughout the area. Many of Brevard County’s public facilities are operated by Brevard County Parks and Recreation, and these facilities include parks, golf courses, campgrounds, and more. Some notable areas include Canova Beach Dog Park, Wickham Park, and the Duran Golf Club.

Of course, the Kennedy Space Center remains the most recognized of Brevard County’s attractions. Visitors can learn about shuttle launches and even simulate the experience of training to become an astronaut. Other popular destinations around the county include the Brevard Zoo and the Canaveral National Seashore. There are plenty of ways to stay active while living in Brevard County, especially since we’re home to some of the best surfing on the East Coast.

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