Tampa Bay: A Town for Foodies

Tampa Bay: A Town for Foodies

Tampa Bay: A Town for Foodies

Attention foodies! Grab your knife, fork and bibs and get to chowing down. Here is our top ten list of best places to eat in Tampa Bay.

  1. Mise en Place

Don’t get tripped up by the name, which is pronounced MEEZ-ahn-plahs. This restaurant is top notch in Tampa that tons of celebrities and socialites continue to visit. The food and bar menus are constantly evolving.

Tip: Make sure to order the lobster Manchego mac ‘n’ cheese.

  1. Bern’s Steakhouse
Bern's Steakhouse

Bern’s Steakhouse

Bern’s is a local institution for food in Tampa. Established in 1956, the steak house is famous for not only the top-notch organic food but also for the amazing wine list. It houses a giant wine list that has almost 7,000 wines to choose from which includes Madeira from the 17th century and depression-era French wine.

Tip: You can take a tour after your meal of the kitchen and the massive wine cellar.

  1. Taco Bus

The Taco Bus originated just as its title implies; in a school bus. Since then, Chef Rene has moved on up into five locations for his Mexican food restaurant. You get to choose your “bus” or what kind of base you want for your tacos, the meat, fish or vegetarian filling and of course toppings.

Tip: You can get an actual Taco Bus to come cater your events.

  1. The Refinery
The Refinery

The Refinery

Michelle and Greg Baker are a dynamic couple who runs one of the most well known restaurants not only in Tampa but through the entire country. This might be because Greg has been nominated for the James Beard Award three times. You can go back each week because every Thursday, the menu changes.

Tip: Happy hour is from 5 to 7 and they offer $5 chef plates.

  1. Edison Food + Drink Lab

If you are looking for a one of a kind dining experience, then eating at Edison Food + Drink Lab is a must! The menu is designed to blow your socks off with experimental cooking. For all you foodies out there for something that you’ve never eaten before because you’ve never seen it, then you have to eat here.

Tip: Don’t preplan your meal because their menu changes frequently.

  1. Sidebern’s

The sister restaurant to Bern’s Steakhouse is Sidebern’s. They opened this restaurant to help alleviate the crowds and they opened a phenomenal restaurant. Hands down the best happy hour in Tampa.

Tip: Sidebern’s shares it’s wine menu with wine powerhouse Bern’s Steakhouse.

  1. Restaurant BT

For every foodie who craves local food, Restaurant BT is feeding that urge. The chef has melded traditional French technique with the spicy taste and vibrancy that Vietnamese food has to offer.

Tip: For a less expensive meal head over for lunch that loses none of the restaurant’s charm. It offers great options including a wonderful Coq au Vin.

  1. Floridian

Florida claims to have invented the Cuban sandwich and the Floridian serves one of the best ones in the nation.  They have the perfect ratio of bread to cheese to ham.

Tip: Another must try for the Floridian is the bean soup. Really tasty.

  1. Cappy’s

When you enter Cappy’s you immediately feel like a part of the family. This deep-dish pizza may be better than Chicago’s and that is really saying something. The staff at Cappy’s is top notch and you are in for a real treat when you visit.

Tip: Make sure you bring cash with you to pay because it is the only form of payment that is accepted.



  1. Oystercatcher’s

For an unbelievable view and dining experience, you have to visit Oystercatcher’s in the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. You won’t find any fresher locally sourced fish anywhere. Reservations are highly recommended for when you want to enjoy your meal while watching the breathtaking sunset.

Tip: Make sure to check out brunch for the buffet that offers a multitude of choices.

Are you just starting an apartment rental in Tampa and are ready to take on the challenge of trying these amazing restaurants? Let us know on our Facebook which one is your favorite!

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