Benefits of Off Campus Housing

Are you looking to move into off campus housing? Whether you are a student of USFUT, or another college or university in Hillsborough County. Off campus apartment rentals can also provide you a glimpse of the real world, as you will need to develop a budget, manage your time wisely with commuting, and have neighbors that range in age. Off campus housing offers apartments with larger floor plans than most on-campus apartments or dorms. While financial savings and space are two of the most common benefits, here are a few that you may not have thought of.


Off Campus Bedroom Hillsborough County FL

If you are coming from on-campus housing, you’ve probably experienced sharing bedrooms with roommates, or sharing bathrooms with an entire suite or floor. Moving off campus can allow you to at least get your own bedroom, and even your own bathroom. To save money, think of potential roommates who you can trust.

Have Your Own Car

Have Your Own Car Off-Campus

As an on-campus resident, you may have not been able to bring your car with you. Living off campus will allow you have a car and do things at your own leisure, like grocery shopping, catching some sun at the beach, and maybe a trip home every once in a while to visit friends and family. With most of our apartments, parking can be found right near your front door. You’ll be able to truly live like a local.

Ability to Renew

Renew Off-Campus Housing Lease

With most on-campus housing, the place you call home changes every year. If you decide that you want to stay in the same apartment off campus, you can! For example, our leases last one year and are renewable, so you can stay in the same place if you enjoy where you live.

Amenities You Can’t Find on Campus

Off-Campus Housing Amenities

While you might find amenities like a volleyball or tennis courts, there’s some things you won’t find on campus. Some apartments come with in-unit washers or dryers making laundry day a breeze. With your own full appliance kitchen you can say goodbye to crummy dining hall food and hello to cooking fun. You can also find Florida apartment complexes with swimming pools to cool down after a long day of class, and enjoy apartments with newer appliances and central air. You’ll also be able to head to the off-campus apartment fitness center on days where you might not be on campus due to jobs/internships

An Opportunity to Begin Building Credit

Credit Score

According to FICO, 15 percent of your total credit score is based on how long an account has been open, and when the most recent action has taken place. You can easily build credit by paying your rent and utilities on-time each month. Set a calendar reminder before each bill is due, or set up autopay. Research which credit cards have the lowest interest rates and which ones are the best for your current situation.

One of the reasons why our residents are glad they moved into a Garden Community is because they offer excellent rental apartments for off-campus housing. If this your first time moving away from home and living in off campus housing, take a look at our tips for first time apartment renters.  

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