Feeling Crammed? Move Into a Bigger Apartment Space

If your current apartment is too small, look no further than Garden Communities when you want to move to a bigger place. Garden Communities Florida offers spacious apartments & floor plans with large apartment layouts suitable for all your needs. These luxury apartment rentals will not leave you feeling crammed in a small space, as you will have plenty of space to make a playroom or even a home office. Apartment rentals with spacious floor plans are available in Brevard County, FL and Tampa and Hillsborough County, FL

You, Me, And The Dog 

A couple sitting on the couch with a poodle and a cat

Feeling a little crammed in your one-bedroom apartment? What happened to the saying “just you, me and the dog?” Seems like “you, me and the dog need a bigger living space,” should be the new saying. There are many advantages to renting a bigger, pet-friendly, rental unit within an apartment complex. There are many tips for renting with pets so you won’t have to part with your favorite fuzzy friend when moving to a bigger space.

Florida apartment living just got better with these luxury apartment rentals supplying all the room you need for the whole family…and the dog! 

Renting In The Sunshine State 

Resort-Style Community Amenities, Such as A Swimming Pool
Compton Place

There are many advantages to renting an apartment in Florida, one of which is feeling the smell of salt water and the kiss of the sun on your skin. Garden Communities Florida offers luxury living with amazing amenities, including carpeted bedrooms, security systems and large living and dining areas. Onsite amenities include everything from swimming pools and fitness centers to bowling alleys.  

Making It Official 

A couple looking through boxes together as they move

Not ready to say “I do,” but ready to say “I will?” …or maybe both!?  Moving in together is a big step no matter how you look at it, but most importantly it involves finding a space suitable for the two of you. When moving in together, moving into a bigger place is essential. There are many tips for a smooth transition that are helpful, as there’s more advice than just “always kiss goodnight.” Remember to figure out your finances, get rid of old clutter and distinguish household rules.

Baby On Board 

A man holds the belly of his pregnant partner

When there’s a baby on board there’s oh so many changes happening, but the most important change is having to move into a bigger space that’s large enough for the three of you. Garden Communities Florida creates better space with their generous apartment layouts, equipped with large living and dining areas. These luxurious rental units make it possible to not only have a nursery, but even a playroom too! 

Livin’ The College Dream

Inside the Kitchen of a Landings at Cypress Meadows Apartment
The Landings At Cypress Meadows

Benefits of off-campus housing in Hillsborough County, FL are extensive as they include having your own car, amenities you cannot find on campus, a glimpse of living in the real world, privacy and the ability to renew your lease. Most importantly, off-campus housing offers apartments with larger floor plans than most on-campus apartments or dorms. Having a larger floor plan offers more room to set up your video game consoles or a place to actually hang up those overpriced designer dresses.

Host With The Most 

Friends Sitting Around, Hanging Out in an Apartment

If you love hosting small gatherings for game night, having the guys over for football or just shaking it up on Margarita Monday’s — a bigger rental unit is certainly for you. As a good host wants everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves, more space is better. A spacious apartment will allow more room to house all your favorite guests. Transitioning to a bigger apartment will allow you to be the hostess with the mostest as everyone will comfortably enjoy the party. No need to fret next time mom and dad invite themselves over for dinner, there’s enough space for everyone! 

Save Money Honey  

Palm Springs Condos Exterior View
Palm Springs Condos

Want more room but are on a budget? There is a simple solution; save money by moving into a bigger unit in your complex. Garden Communities Florida offer bigger rental units with amazing amenities for everyone to enjoy, even on a budget.  Renewing your rental can save you money in various different ways. You can save on hiring movers, expenses for the pets you love like family, moving fees, and your rental rate. Moving is already a daunting task, why make it harder? Moving within the same complex minimizes the stress of moving and creates a smooth transition into your new home. 

Ready to find that bigger place and get moving? Need some help?