Moving in Together? Tips for a Smoother Transition

Don’t you find it amazing how times flies? Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday you were getting your first iPhone? That you were moving out of college and back home again? Did you just get your first “adult” job? The time of living with just a roommate is gone and now you’re moving in with your significant other. You are melding two lives into one apartment rental, moving into a bigger apartment will allow you to still spend time together but also have enough room for some alone time. Maybe we can help alleviate some stress with our helpful tips for a smoother transition for couples moving in together.

Figure out the Finances

Grow your Money

Before you even start hunting for that perfect apartment rental in Florida, write down every single thing you are going to spend money on: movers, rent, rental insurance, furniture, utilities, décor, and much, much more. Think about applying for a credit card that you both have access to. Only use that card for apartment rental items. Make sure you figure out how you’re paying for everything: splitting it 50/50? This is the first thing you should do once you have decided to move in together.

Throw it Out

Relocation Concept

Believe me when I say you don’t need all those t-shirts from your good old college days. Make it a game and have your partner come over and go through everything. For a bonus feel good feeling, donate all your lightly used clothes to a charity of your choice that might come to your home to pick it up.

Decide on the “Rules”

Know the Rules

Actually physically signing the lease together is very different from staying over at each other’s places every other night. There are many new things that you may find out about your partner’s living habits that you previously didn’t know. My advice? Make sure you have some time alone in your apartment. Even if you can’t have an apartment with separate space, save some time to enjoy a bubble bath or indulge in your favorite show alone. Set solid ground rules like cleaning schedules so everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

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