Apartment Rental Décor that Won’t Lose Your Deposit

When renting an apartment, one of your underlying concerns revolve around limitations and obligation to follow your landlord’s rules per the lease or rental agreement. On top of the knowing what to ask before you rent, the struggle with rentals is that it’s temporary. However, moving into an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautifully decorated, stress-free living space. Don’t diminish your decorating dream. Living in a small space is can be difficult already; it’s the little things that make your way of living spacious and enjoyable. If you are a first time renter or an experienced mover, with your security deposit on the line, lighten the tension with these happy wall décor ideas perfect for your rental.

The power of a stick-on

Safe Hanging

When renting, getting your security deposit back is a long-term concern. Every scratch and spill drives you to fear the loss of your beloved check. Damage-free hanging solutions offer a durable hold and clean removal, perfect for a temporary rental.



A classic solution. If your walls need a new wardrobe, using mirrors to cover the dull look of your apartment is the perfect way. Small, large, or just plain decorative, the options are endless. A mirror not only benefits your walls, you to use natural light brightening the room for you and your guests.



Decorating is one of the more exciting parts of moving in and nothing says home more than your family and friends. Hang up your favorite memories to add a personal touch to your temporary space. By doing so, this adds comfort and tranquility for you and your guests to enjoy.



Whether its patching up minor marks from a previous renter or just adding a touch of inspiration to your walls, hanging art is a simple resolution to decorating your new home. Statement pieces or your own artwork portray a creative and attractive feel for all to enjoy.



Looking to spice up that boring white wall? Embrace open storage. You can also work with what you have. Resurfacing furniture is easier than you think and it’s a project that you can customize to your needs. Perhaps you can’t paint the walls in your apartment – so paint your furniture!



The power of layering cannot only add a touch of color to a simple area but also offers an opportunity to keep your apartment organized. Accessorizing is a quick and easy way to add a personality to your space. Trinkets can become your saving grace when it comes to organizing your shelves. If you are planning to move to Tampa you should take a look at these great home décor shops.

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