Living a Stress-Free Lifestyle in Your Florida Apartment

Spending more time in your apartment? Looking to do something to reduce the clutter and the stress so you can just breathe a bit? Here are a few tips for stress free apartment living that you can do to bring some zen back to your den.

Declutter & Clean 

Woman Cleaning Shelves in an Apartment

Looking to get rid of the mess or completely reorganize your living space? Either of these options will help contribute to stress-free living. Try to clean your apartment with our spring cleaning checklist. No matter what season it is, it’s always a good time for some spring cleaning! Decluttering your space leads to a much more tranquil lifestyle. 

Get Organized 

Organized shelves inside a home with house plants

When trying to living stress-free, one of the most important tips is to get yourself organized. An organized living space feels much more spacious and can actually lead to reduced anxiety! When organizing your home there are a few apartment organization tips and tricks that can help, like utilizing your storage space.

You can store your belongings under beds, chairs and sofas. It is also helpful to use that space on the back of the doors to hang up items so you can just grab and go. You can fold your clothes vertically to save some space and even use a storage trunk as a decorative table. Don’t fret if you don’t have enough hooks in your apartment, you can add adhesive hooks to any surface.

Destress With Décor  

Overview of the living room and kitchen in a unit at Compton Place
Compton Place

When decorating your apartment, think peace and tranquility. There are many ways to bring this peace into your home without breaking the budget. Decorate your apartment rental without losing your deposit by following some handy tips, like using stick-ons instead of nails to hang pictures and adding mirrors to create the illusion of more space. You can add a personal touch with your own pictures and alluring furniture and certainly don’t forget to place down your favorite plants or trinkets. That big picture of the ocean curling at the precise moment the sunlight hits it, is the perfect addition to your rental unit. Decorating your space with serene décor contributes greatly to stress-free living. In addition, you can paint the walls soft colors that remind you of the clear blue sky, or the tip of a rainbow after a fresh rain.

Green Your Space 

Woman picking a lime off a tree in Florida

Adding plants to your apartment liven up the place and also contribute to a feeling of zen. There are many beautiful plants Florida has to offer that will bring your apartment alive such as lemon and lime trees. These bring all the citrus boost you need and are also functional in the kitchen. These are perfect for your next recipe! Pineapple and oregano trees are just as great as they add some flavor to your apartment as well as your plate. These are some of the perfect plants and produce for your place.

Get Out & Stay Active 

Female runner going for a jog in the sun

When you are looking to obtain stress-free living, the best way to do so is to keep an active lifestyle. There are many ways to do so, such as working out in the cool air, making a splash in the swimming pool and even getting out of the community to hit the beach. Take a morning run or even go kayaking in your spare time. With so many options, you can get active and explore all that Florida has to offer, while leaving the stress behind.

Things To Do In Tampa & Hillsborough County, FL 

Air View of Cities in Tampa Florida

There are many great things to do in Tampa & Hillsborough County, FL. You can hit the sunny beach, kick those legs up and sip on your favorite cocktail. You certainly do not want to miss all of the sunny beaches and things to do in Tampa & Hillsborough County FL. 

Besides visiting the sunny beaches, there are other things you can do in Tampa like visiting Busch Gardens Tampa, indoor skydiving, going to the aquarium, trying a dolphin racer speed boat adventure, or taking a helicopter ride. With all these options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Things To Do In Brevard County, FL 

The treasure coast is what they call Brevard County, FL so get out that old dusty eye patch and go explore… errr matey! Brevard County, FL is a popular place to go treasure hunting as there are many treasure-hunting beaches in the area, including Melbourne Beach, Sebastian Inlet, Lori Wilson Park, and Wabasso Beach. Get your medal detector ready and prepare to bulk up your pockets with precious items such as jewels and coins; they’re yours for the taking!

Looking for the ultimate stress relief but don’t want to go anywhere? Stay home and enjoy all the same feels’ as a peaceful vacation. Make your home your own personal staycation!