Indoor Apartment Gardening: Growing Food, Not Lawns

Ready to brag at your next dinner party that your flavorful food and cocktails were made from your very own garden? It is wonderful to have fresh herbs close by for cooking and even for cocktails. Some of the perfect plants and produce for your apartment gardening include; basil, mint, cilantro, parsley and even ginger.

Want to harvest your own salad greens? Well you’re in luck, as some salad greens are quite well-known for apartment gardening, such as lettuce, spinach, and arugula. Just find a sunny spot and remember to water regularly. Spruce up that apartment with herbs and spices and let your neighbors smell what’s cookin’ good lookin’.  

Growing Indoors 

Tending to a veggie garden at home

Even if you live in a smaller apartment unit, you will still be able to grow certain herbs, fruits and vegetables that can flourish in an apartment garden. There are many factors that will affect the success and livelihood of your plants as you transform your apartment into an eco-friendly one. Most fruits and vegetables need a whole day of sunlight, so plan accordingly and utilize your window space.

Be sure to use a well-draining potting mix that is light and fluffy to ensure the soil circulates air and keeps the roots healthy. It’s important to plan to water your plants many times a day as they need a lot of water to grow. Lastly, consider spritzing your plants throughout the day to offer some extra humidity. It’s time to experiment with your green thumb and indulge in the fruits of your labor!

Here Comes The Sun

Sunlight coming through a window with no blinds shining on a house plant

Growing anything indoors can be tricky if you can’t find the sun. Luckily our sunny Florida skies and our spacious and bright apartments will ensure to be a corner that sees the sun. It’s important that you find a corner that allows ample sunlight into the apartment. Maybe it’s time to reposition the sofa or that old armchair. Once you find the space for the sun, you’ll go from weeper to greenkeeper!

Cooking That POPs With Flavor 

tomatoes and basil

Making some amazing recipes from your own garden is resourceful and flavorful. With herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits at your fingertips you can make anything from hearty soups to crisp, refreshing salads. Save the pizza guy a trip as you can make your very own sauce from your home-grown tomatoes and even add some mushrooms and oregano! As you garden in your apartment, you will have a kitchen full of herbs and spices, and your budget will thank you for skipping the grocery store. Bon appetite!

Bottoms Up 

Making Mojitos at home

Is it mojito Monday already? Making cocktails just got that much more fun! You got your very own herbs and spices to work with. A touch of mint or a hint of spice in your drink can take-over your taste buds. Now you won’t need to run to the store as you have everything you need in your own apartment. So mix up that spicy margarita and garnish that cosmopolitan with a home-grown lime! Cocktails made with just-picked herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables as flavorings and garnishes are the ticket to making delicious, flavorful drinks. Salud!

Now that you are an expert on all growing all things green in your apartment, put it to good use!