Best Plants to Grow Indoors in a Florida-Based Apartment

House plants can add a personal touch to any room, as well as a fresh burst of color. However, you should be sure to select plants that thrive in an indoor environment with limited room to grow and filtered sunlight. Since Florida has such nice weather, there are many plants that can be grown indoors or in your garden. Additionally, there are many indoor plants that can help combat mold and mildew in your apartment. Some options include spider plants and succulents. 

Lemon & Lime Trees 

A Close-up on Three Full Lemons, One Cut, Straight from the Lemon Tree

Florida has the perfect environment to plant fruits like lemons and limes. What can be better than grabbing a fresh lemon or lime right from your tree in your garden? The best thing! You can take the seeds directly from the produce that you purchase and plant them in potting soil. Make sure to cover your seeds with something clear like a bag or glass jar and put them in a sunny spot or windowsill. You are creating a miniature greenhouse for your citrus seedlings!

Once seedlings start to sprout, remove the clear covering and enjoy watching your glorious tree(s) grow. Lemon and lime trees will take a little while to produce fruit and do get large but it’s certainly worth the wait. You will then be able to add a little zest to any cocktail or cooking recipe. Apartment kitchen gardening at its finest

Bamboo Palm 

Two stalks from an indoor Bamboo Plant

Bamboo palm is part of the palm family; it’s one of those incredible Florida shrubs with plenty of character. They do best in cool humidity out of direct sunlight, which can burn their leaves. The bamboo palm plant likes to have consistently moist soil. You should aim to water your bamboo palm in a way that will keep the soil at a level of moisture that is only just noticeable in order to avoid over watering and causing root rot. 

Pineapple Plant 

A Pineapple Plant in Epcot, Bay Lake, Orange County, Florida
A Pineapple Plant in Orange County, Florida. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The pineapple is an amazing plant because it can be started indoors and then brought outdoors and is another one of those fun little grocery store finds! The leafy part of a pineapple can be planted and grown into a pineapple plant. All you need to do is twist off the leafy part, peel off some of the leaves at the base to reveal the roots, and plant it.

You can also place the pineapple in a jar of water and grow it inside instead of planting it outside. Pineapple roots are pretty and could make a great accent piece for your apartment. If you give it enough time and the warm Florida temps, you may just get a yummy surprise. Show it off then eat it up!

Spider Plants 

Spider plants growing outside
Spider Plants (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Spider plants are highly resilient plants that thrive indoors when they are placed in indirect sunlight. They tend to grow and spread little tendrils from place to place, but they can be contained with some careful trimming. They are also known for keeping the air in your house clean by filtering out harmful chemicals.


Small, enclosed succulent plant

Rich green succulents can be a beautiful addition to any indoor garden. They are amazing plants as they store water in their leaves, and they come in all different shapes with a variety of colorful accents. Succulents are convenient and do not require you to purchase any large, heavy pots as they grow best in shallow dishes. They are ideal for the warm Florida weather, but make sure they don’t get too humid!

Benefits Of The Perfect Indoor Plants 

Wide range of potted plants, set up across different shelves

There are many benefits to growing plants in your apartment or garden all year round. Spider plants keep the air clean in your house by filtering out harmful chemicals. This is a natural way to vent the air in your apartment. Lemon, lime and pineapple trees are a great resource when adding some zest to any recipe and saving costs.

All plants add life and a pop of color to your apartment which is beneficial to your overall well-being and happiness. Not to mention, growing any type of plant indoors or out can make a positive impact in the environment. Eco-friendly apartment living is a great way to live without being wasteful or harmful to the environment.