Going Green With Eco-Friendly Apartment Lifestyle Tips

Eco-friendly apartment living is a great way to live without being wasteful or harmful to the environment. 

So how can you be eco-friendly in an apartment? 

There are many ways to do this in an apartment even though it’s not your own home where some modifications may be limited. Tips to being eco-friendly in your apartment include utilizing your balcony or patio, using your machines wisely, using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, recycling, reusing and fussing with the thermostat less. All it really takes is a conscious effort to make small changes on a day-to-day basis to make all the difference. So, toss the Windex and use some baking soda and vinegar to keep your apartment clean and green!

Conserve Power 

A close-up of lightbulbs hanging down from the ceiling

When going green in your apartment, it’s important to be mindful of how often you’re using your utilities. It may be beneficial to use a ceiling fan on a hot day, or close those blinds to block the incoming rays of sun. You should try to only use washer machines and dishwashers when there’s a full load. In addition, it’s helpful to use natural light to brighten up your apartment, giving your light bulbs a break. When you try to minimize the usage of utilities, consider purchasing a power strip. This will help you turn off multiple utilities at the same time to save power and save on your electric bill. Switching the lights off more often leads to more sustainable living.

Use Your Green Thumb 

Two people planting in pots for a home garden

Living in the sunshine state, there are many benefits when it comes to gardening, since we can grow plants and produce all throughout the year. With this great benefit, why not add a garden to your apartment to enhance your eco-friendly living space? Some of the perfect plants for your apartment can even be for yours for free, you just need to get creative. Plants add greenery and color to your apartment, help clean the air and even add a pop of flavor to your favorite recipes! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Someone throwing their empty plastic bottle into the recycling bin at home

When being eco-conscious about your your apartment, it is essential to remember the three “R’s.” Recycling and reusing items helps to reduce pollution and limit waste. In doing so you will be able to minimize misuse and maximize your eco-friendly living space. Make sure to separate your garbage from recyclables when throwing out trash. Keeping a schedule of when recycling goes out will help you to stay organized and on task. Try to reuse as much as possible. Have a container from that Chinese take-out you had last night? Give it a good wash and pack your lunch in it for tomorrow or use leftover plastic and glass jars as planters for plants you are growing!

Regular Maintenance  

A faucet running water in the kitchen sink

Got a leaky pipe or a broken faucet? Instead of letting it drip make sure to get it fixed to avoid wasting water and further damaging the apartment. When going green in your apartment it’s important to be resourceful, so regular maintenance is a must. You want to be certain you are reserving resources as much as possible so be sure to fix those pipes and drafty windows.

All Garden Communities Florida apartment residents can place a maintenance call or contact anytime through our website for maintenance requests.

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