How To Keep An Active Lifestyle & Stay Cool During The Summer In FL

How to Stay Active & Cool in Florida in Summer 

Florida is beloved for its constant warm weather, but as any local knows, in the summer things really heat up. This can make maintaining an active lifestyle difficult, but not in your new Garden Community rental! These apartments and condos create a lifestyle, designed to be lived to the fullest. As a resident, you can enjoy exclusive amenities designed to help you stay active in the Florida heat, among many other perks. 

Fitness Centers: Work Out In The Cool Air

Rows of weights at a gym with a girl weightlifting in the background

One of residents’ favorite amenities is the fitness center located within the community complex. Equipped with state of the art cardio machines, circuit training, free weights and more, this is the perfect solution for novices and body builders alike! Even in the 95˚ weather, you can safely get your entire workout routine in every day in the AC. 

Discover your new Garden Community with an exclusive, residents only fitness center!

Swimming Pools 

Woman lounging in pool with a blue and white straw hat

There’s nothing more iconic than jumping into cool water under Florida palm trees. Swimming is proven to be an excellent form of cardio and full body exercise, making it an ideal way to stay active in the summer. Open only to the community, residents enjoy a water experience with few others. When you choose a rental home that also has a fitness center in the community, a pool is the perfect cool down after your workout!   

Whether you’re searching for a lifestyle of pleasure or activity, a swimming pool affords you both!

Outside of the Community Tips: 

Two people paddle boarding on the water, one sitting one standing

Want to stay active in other ways? Fortunately for you, Florida lends itself to the outdoorsy individual. Try these activities to stay healthy in the summer:

The Beach: The beach is a great place to get in a workout at any time of the day! Go for a swim in the Atlantic or the Gulf and then layout on the sand to dry off. Have fun in the sun with some wet and wild adventures!” 

Paddle Boarding & Kayaking: With a state surrounded by water, there are so many things you can try to stay active. Two favorites are paddle boarding & kayaking. Paddle boarding delivers a full body workout as you balance and paddle on the water, while kayaking is a smooth way to give your arms a workout. 

Surfing: While many people make this look easy, it’s a fully body workout and coordination exercise. Paddle out, push up and jump onto the board, and then balance as you ride the wave! This is the best activity to stay active and feel one with nature. 

Morning Runs: Are you an early bird? Going for runs in the morning is a great way to get in some cardio for the day. The flat terrain of Florida makes runs easy for both beginners and pros alike!

Take an Evening Walk: Want a more leisurely exercise? After dinner, take a stroll around the block! Walking is an excellent way to stay active, and doing so at the end of the day affords cooler temperatures. Also, walking after dinner is proven to help with digestion, meaning that it’s benefiting your body from the inside out! 

Are you ready to experience all that Florida has to offer for an active person like yourself?