How To Social Distance In Your FL Garden Communities Rental Apartment

How to Social Distance in a Florida Apartment Community

A Florida Garden Community is a home to many, affording an incredible lifestyle and convenience. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, residents of our apartment communities have all worked together to stay part, practicing good social distancing. Wondering how it’s done—how can you keep your distance when everyone lives so close? Maybe you have cabin fever from social distancing, are tired of reorganizing your apartment again and are looking for safe activities outside the community? Dear Floridians, look no further to find the answers to your questions!

The 5 Best Practices for Social Distancing in an Apartment Community

One of the best ways for residents to feel (and be) safe and secure in their Florida Garden Community amidst Covid-19 is to practice social distancing. You’ve heard the term everywhere—the news, social media, signs posted outside restaurants and retail stores—but how can you apply it to your community home? By following the recommended practices below, you can help lower the number of Covid-19 cases, not just in your community, but in the state of Florida as well.

1. Always Wear Masks in Common Areas

girl grocery shopping with a cloth mask on holding a lemon

According to the CDC, wearing a facemask is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection. Although the number of Covid-19 cases is dropping, residents are still strongly encouraged to wear a mask at all times in the common areas of the rental community. This way, if another resident is in the space, you both can protect each other from airborne germs. By wearing the mask and keeping your distance (at least 6ft.) whenever possible, all residents are helping one another to stay healthy. Doing so outside of your rental community will help protect the millions of other Floridians in the state.

2. Keep Your Hands Clean & Disinfected

hands being washed under water and soapy

Viruses can live on surfaces for several hours. Surfaces that residents use daily include door handles, elevator buttons, and stair railings. The janitorial crew of every Florida Garden Community disinfects these surfaces routinely. However, it is highly encouraged and advised that all residents make the best efforts to protect themselves by washing their hands for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer. Do this especially after touching these common surfaces. By doing so the risk of infection spreading lowers.

Pro Tip: Whether you’re going to work at the surf shop or meeting your brother at your favorite tiki bar, always bring hand sanitizer for immediate germ removal on your hands.

3. Wait Your Turn

A person social distancing in standing in front of a sign about it

Outside of Garden Community rental apartments, there are several open areas, like courtyards and lobbies. However, some spaces like elevators and staircases weren’t designed with social distancing in mind. We ask that residents use common courtesy in the spaces by allowing those already using these limited spaces to continue their journey alone. This means waiting for the next elevator if someone is in it or waiting for someone to finish their descent down the stairs before you go up. Respectful distance will help everyone to stay as healthy as possible.

4. Switch Things Up

Woman walking down the beach in workout attire

Switching it up means that you alter your schedule and daily habits to better accommodate social distancing. Instead of using the swimming pool, go to the beach! For those who prefer to lead active lifestyles, Florida affords many ways for you to stay active and stay cool as opposed to using the fitness center. Changing your routine doesn’t mean you have to cut anything out—get creative, go to the supermarket at different times, and do your retail shopping online.

(See below for fun social distancing activities in your area.)

5. Feeling Sick? Get Tested for Covid-19.

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Due to the demographics of Florida, there’s a high percentage of people who are at a high risk of contracting the Coronavirus. This makes it that much more important to take every precaution to stop the spread. If you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, including coughing or fever do the following:

  1. Get tested at your local center. Find the Covid-19 testing site nearest to your FL Garden Community.
  2. Quarantine and stay home until the test is proven negative. In the event that you are positive for Covid-19, it’s imperative that you stay in quarantine for at least 2 weeks.

The Best Outdoor Fun in the Florida Sun

sunset over a Floridian pier

Florida isn’t just home to beautiful beaches and sunbathing palm trees. There’s an adventure around every corner and we’re here to help you find it! From Brevard County to Hillsborough County, there are countless fun activities in Florida for the single, the couple, and total family fun. So don’t stay cooped up to social distancing in your apartment community. Have an adventure outside out of your apartment and out into your community at large!

At Garden Communities Florida your well-being is our priority. Rest assured that we are making every effort to keep your rental community a safe home and environment. If renters feel they need to contact the rental office for any Covid related issues or concerns, we are here to help. You can also stay up to date on the virus in the state of Florida by clicking here.

Do you live with children? Try these apartment friendly fall crafts to keep them entertained while social distancing.