Creative Organization Tips for Everyone Living in Florida Apartments

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Keeping an apartment space organized and clutter-free is easier said than done. There’s only so much space a renter can work with, and it usually doesn’t take long before you start running out of space. Fortunately, people have discovered unique ways to organize their belongings and create a stress- free living environment without having to spend a lot of money. 

Try out these creative apartment organization tips if you need help getting your apartment into a cleaner, healthier state. 

Store Under Beds, Chairs, & Couches

Large Bed in a Harvard Apartments Room

Underneath your bed, chairs, and couch, you should find plenty of free space that you can take advantage of. If you have belongings that you want to keep out of sight, you can store them underneath these pieces of furniture. Try placing magazines underneath one of your chairs so you can quickly grab one when you want to read something. 

Or, you can store seasonal clothes and other items into plastic bins and slide them under the bed until you need them again. If you need extra space under your bed, see if you can bring it up by implementing some bed risers. There’s plenty of space available to you on the ground, so try using it. 

Try Storing Things On The Backs of Doors

White Closet Door With White Walls

People who live on their own often forget about one of the best ways to organize: taking advantage of vertical space. Walls and doors are often left bare, when they could be used to store additional items when there’s not a lot of space elsewhere. Try to get your hand on some compartments and storage options that you can hang from the backs of doors. 

Get a hanger rack so you can hang some clothes from your bedroom door. Or, grab a hanging storage unit for cooking ingredients so you can hang them from the back of a cabinet door in the kitchen. By relying on vertical space, rather than horizontal space, you can create a lot more room in your apartment for storing personal items. 

Fold Your Clothes Vertically

Vertically Folded Clothes Put in a Drawer

Source: Flickr 

Tired of running out of space when you’re storing your clothes? This might be because you’ve been folding your clothes in a less convenient manner. Recently, folks have discovered that a great way to make space in drawers is by folding everything vertically, rather than horizontally. 

Fold your shirts and pants so they meet right in the middle, and fold everything into thirds. If you’ve done this correctly, your clothes should be able to stand up on their own and can be stored vertically. All your clothes will be more organized and you won’t have to dig through everything to find the thing you want to wear.

Use a Chest or Trunk as a Table

Big, Brown Trunk on a Porch

Another great way to organize an apartment space is to use things that serve different purposes. Know anyone that has a spare chest or trunk that they’re willing to part with? If you can get your hands on one, you can use it as a makeshift table that you can put in your living area. 

From there, you can then open it up and store things inside to declutter your apartment. Now you have something you can use for storage and something to rest things atop of when you’re lounging. Furniture and other items can be used in a variety of ways, and working out creative solutions like this is crucial when you only have so much space to work with. 

Use Adhesive Hooks & Storage Caddies

Need a new place to put your bathroom supplies when the cabinet’s filling up? Want to create an additional rack for your cooking supplies and utensils in the kitchen? You can do both of these things and more with a few storage caddies and some adhesive hooks. 

Stick these hooks to the wall of any room in your apartment, and just hang a caddy from them. Now you’ve got additional space for storing toothpaste and medicine in the bathroom, along with other supplies you’re looking to organize. This frees up room for other items along the counters in your apartment, and makes things look less messy. 

To further clean your apartment, we recommend that you download our spring cleaning checklist so you can keep track of your work.