Wet and Wild Family Fun in Melbourne, Florida

A short drive from the Harvard Apartments will have you smack dab in the middle of one of the best stretches of beach that Florida has to offer. From surfing to snorkeling to boat rentals, the Space Coast will appeal to your inner fish with these wet and wild water sports in and around Melbourne, FL. 

Surfer testing the waves.


The Space Coast has some of the best surf spots along the East Coast. From Cocoa Beach to Playalinda, these renowned breaks are a short trip from the Harvard Apartments. Make sure you check out the rules of the beach, whether it’s for beginner, intermediate, or advanced level surfers, what the to expect from the waves, and what kind of board to bring before you ride the waves at these beaches. 

Snorkeler snorkeling as they are known to do.


One of the best surfing beaches also has some incredible Snorkeling. Sebastian Inlet is part of the three-mile barrier island along this part of Florida’s East Coast. The Cove at Sebastian Inlet is a great spot for beginner snorkelers, as the entry is a calm, sand bottomed beach separated by two rock jetties. You’ll see all sorts of fish and underwater flora here. Be sure to bring your camera! 


Whether you’re looking to rent a boat, a paddleboard, or kayak, there are plenty of places to get your fair share of fun in the sun on the water. Hop on a kayak and go explore Crane Creek and learn about Manatees. Go paddleboarding through wildlife preserves to learn the history of the land. Rent a boat with your friends and watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean or take a moonlit sailboat cruise with your special someone.

Family Fun

Each of these wet and wild water sports are family-friendly. So, grab your little ones and big ones, a surfboard or a snorkel, hop on a boat for a tour, and go on adventures together along the Space Coast!