Hang Ten: The Best Surf Spots on the Space Coast

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to stay cool and active this year, look no further than your nearest surf shop along the Space Coast. When it comes to Brevard County, we’ve got some of the best surfing on the East Coast, with award-winning surf legends like Lisa Andersen to back it up. See where the locals go to find the best swells.

Cocoa Beach

Surfer in wetsuit running into the Ocean at Cocoa Beach near the Pier

Long revered as the East Coast Surfing Capital and home to 11-time World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater, Cocoa Beach is home to the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame, the Florida Surf

Museum, and the largest surf shop in the United States with 52,000 square feet of boards, beach gear, wax, wetsuits, and more, Ron Jon Surf Shop. Surfing grew in popularity here in the 1960’s but there are newspaper reports dating back to 1909 that feature surfers riding waves.

The best time to surf this iconic beach is from October to March. The waves aren’t big but they’re fun. With a great beach break, this is a fun surf spot for beginners and pros alike, with plenty of hidden gems to check out when you’re done surfing. There are no rocks or reefs, only a shallow sandbar, which makes it easier for beginners to walk their boards out easily and safely.

Melbourne Beach

Sand and aqua ocean at Bonsteel Park, Melbourne, Florida
Melbourne Beach, Florida. Source: Wikimedia Commons

A little south of Cocoa Beach is Melbourne Beach, set beside the Indian River Lagoon. There are several great surf spots here, but one of the ones that the locals love is referred to as Spanish House, found at the southern tip of Melbourne Beach. In ideal conditions, you’ll find a strong swell, a low tide and an offshore breeze. It’s not great for beginners, but it’s great for intermediate or advanced surfers.

The best time of year is October to March, where you’ll find lefts and rights with fast sections and top to bottom barrels. Low tide is going to be the best time of day for stellar swells. When it’s running, it’s busy. But we all know some of the most fun is had when you’re out there with your crew, cheering each other on.


Surfing At Playalinda
Surfing at Playalinda Beach. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Playalinda means “beautiful beach” in Spanish, and it lives up to the name. This beach is part of Canaveral’s National Seashore, over 20 miles of undeveloped, protected shoreline. There are no restaurants or shops here, but there are bathrooms. Be sure to bring everything you’ll need for the day.

This surf spot features beach breaks and solid rights and lefts. It’s great for all levels of experience, from grom to pro. It’s moderately busy on weekends but quiet on weekdays.

Satellite Beach

The sunset overlooking a walkway at Satellite Beach, Florida
Sunset at Satellite Beach by Michael Seeley. Source: Wikimedia Commons

RC’s Satellite Beach is a great spot for experienced surfers. If you’re not in that category, you should still go and watch the masters at work. It’s a reef break that can, during a good swell, produce a fast, powerful, hollow left that you’ll be able to ride for a while.

Be aware of the coquina rocks below that form the reef and the strong rip currents during swells. As with many other spots along the Space Coast, you’ll find the best surf here during the winter, specifically during January.

Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet North End Sign
Sebastian Inlet. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sebastian is a local favorite. The inlet was cut back in the early 1900’s with small coquina jetties. In 1948, the ebb and flow of the sand up and down the coast would occasionally close off the inlet. But now you’ll find a permanent opening which allows for some of the best surfing on the East Coast.

It can get crowded but not prohibitively so and is definitely not for beginners. Bring your shortboard and ride the long shore breakers to the end at First Peak. Second and Third Peak don’t get nearly as much from the wedge off the jetty but are especially fun on Northeast swells.

Now that you’re ready for dawn patrol, make sure you check the parking fees, access times, and other pertinent information for each spot.

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