The Best Places to Find Apartment Décor in Tampa, FL

Where to Find Good Décor in Tampa

Are you a new resident of Tampa who is looking for some good décor to use in your new apartment? Tampa is home to a wide range of home décor stores, and they offer plenty of quality decorations that you can use in your apartment. Many of these stores sell their items at low prices, so you might want to look into them if you want to save some money. Below you can find information about some of the best home décor shops that are located in Tampa, FL.

Val’s Home Décor

Val’s Home Décor Logo

Source: Yelp

Address: 3920 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618

Val’s Home Décor is a great place to check out if you are looking to decorate your new apartment on a cheaper budget. Some of the items offered here include wall art, lamps, sculptures, chairs, pillows, and pottery. Val’s Home Décor also sells many different plants that you can arrange in your apartment.

You can also work with the store’s professional floral designer to create a custom floral arrangement for your apartment. If you are looking to decorate your apartment for a particular season Val’s also features plenty of options for seasonal décor. Take some time to visit Val’s Home Décor if you want to save some money during your search for apartment décor.

Urban Twiggs

Urban Twiggs Sign

Source: Yelp

Address: 3662 S West Shore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629

Urban Twiggs is a furniture store that focuses on casual interior design and repurposed furniture. The store features a huge collection of vintage furniture that you can use to give your apartment a unique flair. Some of the items you can find here include nightstands, cabinets, chairs, tables, and bookshelves.

On top of this, Urban Twiggs offers home services that can help you improve your apartment space. For example, if you have old pieces of furniture that you want to keep using the staff can restore them and breathe new life into items that have started to show their age. If you are looking to save some money on home décor you should see what this store has to offer.

Blue Moon Trading Company

Blue Moon Trading Company

Source: Yelp

Address: 1000 W Kennedy Blvd suite 100, Tampa, FL 33606

The Blue Moon Trading Company is an owner-operated boutique located in Tampa’s Hyde Park Village. The company started out selling repurposed and artisan-crafted pieces, but as time went on the staff members expanded so they could meet the growing needs of their customers. The team at Blue Moon will work to bring your living space to life, while making sure that the interior of your home fits your lifestyle.

A few of the items offered at the Blue Moon Trading Company include wall art, ambiance candles, bed frames, cabinets, and other decorative objects. If you are in need of some furniture for your apartment Blue Moon also sells sofas, chairs, lamps, and decorative coffee tables. If you are looking for inspiration, you can view the company’s page on Houzz to see some of the team’s previous works.

Urban Bungalow

Urban Bungalow Interior

Source: Yelp

Address: 6500 North Florida Avenue Suite E, Tampa, FL 33604

Urban Bungalow offers a large collection of quality, handcrafted items you can use in your apartment. The staff members here travel across the country and bring back unique items that cannot be found anywhere else in Tampa. Urban Bungalow’s rich collection of items is designed to appeal to any person’s interests.

There are plenty of items to check out at this store, including decorative pillows, wall art, chairs, floor mats, and other items you can use to decorate your apartment. Urban Bungalow also has its own coffee shop, so you can help yourself to some food and a drink as you browse through the available items.

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