The Best Schools in Brevard County, FL

Brevard County’s Top Schools

There are many factors to consider when you plan on moving to a new town, and the quality of the local schools is one of those factors. After all, parents want to make sure they are sending their kids to good schools when they move to a new location. If you plan on moving to Brevard County, FL, you will be pleased to know that the Brevard Public Schools District is home to some of the best schools in the state. Below you can find information on some of the top schools in the county.

Melbourne, FL

Riviera Elementary School

Address: 351 Riviera Dr. N.E., Palm Bay, FL 32905
Phone: (321) 676-4237

Quick Facts

  • 6/10 for student progress on
  • 714 students attending
  • 13:1 student-teacher ratio

Nearby Communities

Grades: PK-6

Any younger students living in Melbourne, FL will attend Riviera Elementary School first. This school offers access to the Launchpad application, a program that allows students to access all their textbooks online.

This is an A.T.T.A.I.N. school, so teachers focus on using different forms of technology to help students develop their skills. Extracurricular activities held here include chorus, computer arts, art, and orchestra.

Stone Magnet Middle School

Address: 1101 E. University Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone: (321) 723-0741

Quick Facts

  • Graded A for diversity on
  • 783 students attending
  • 17:1 student-teacher ratio

Nearby Communities

Grades: 7-8

After they finish at Riviera Elementary, Melbourne students will move on to this middle school. The school is well-known for its science research program, which allows creative and motivated students to learn about many different scientific processes.

Many extracurricular activities are held here, including chorus, band, jazz band, musical theater, digital design, robotic, and more. Students can take part in a few different sports, including basketball, cheerleading, and track. Students can also apply for high school credit in specific classes, including algebra, geometry, and Spanish.

Palm Bay Magnet Senior High School

Address: 101 Pirate Lane, Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone: (321) 952-5900

Palm Bay Magnet High School

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Quick Facts

  • Overall Grade of B on
  • 1,598 students attending
  • 19:1 student-to-teacher ratio

Nearby Communities

Grades: 9-12

Students living at Harvard Apartments communities will finish their primary education at the Palm Bay Magnet Senior High School. Staff members at this school work tirelessly to ensure that students stay in a supportive environment that encourages them to work hard.

The school has a partnership with Microsoft, and it allows students to install any Microsoft Office application on a home computer for free. The school offers many extracurricular activities, including band, sculpting, photography, video production, dance, and chorus. In addition, the school has its own robotics program, which gives students the chance to build and program their own robotic creations.

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