What to Look for in a Potential Roommate

Being able to come home and unwind is something we should all be able to do. However, for many of us it is financially responsible to have one or more roommates in an apartment rental. You need to be able to find common ground so coming home after a long day at school or work is something you look forward to. Finding the right roommate is essential to leading a productive and happy life.

Clean Compatibility

Cleaning Habits

There are people who have to have everything clean to the point of obsession. Not everyone lives this way – some don’t mind a little clutter. There are also those out there who think living like a pig is completely acceptable. Having similar cleaning habits is a must because being clean has many different meanings for people. When interviewing possible roommates, make sure to ask how he or she likes to keep the common living areas. Get as detailed answers as possible – clean means something different to everyone. Discuss a cleaning schedule or maybe splitting the cost of a maid service once a month to give your apartment a really deep clean.

Similar Schedules

Similar Schedule

When placing an ad for a roommate, it is a great idea to specify your work schedule. Living with someone who is up until 4am and doesn’t wake up until you get home from work is not necessarily the best person to live with. Being sleep deprived can bring out the worst in people. If you are a working professional, living with another professional might be a good fit for you since you have similar interests.

Party Personalities

Party Preferences

Make sure you and any potential roommates are on the same page about having friends over and overnight guests. While you may prefer a wine and cheese night with a few close friends, others may like big bashes with kegs. Also take time to discuss girlfriends/boyfriends. A significant other can easily become a third roommate.

Rightfully Respectful

Respect for one Another

One quality that you want in a potential roommate is respect. He or she must have respect for your property, privacy, and personal space. This includes and is not limited to asking before friends come over or to borrow a piece of clothing.

When you find the perfect roommate, find the perfect apartment with us.