Things to Consider When Choosing an Apartment Location

There is a reason why real estate agents have coined the saying “Location! Location! Location!” It is by far the most important thing to consider when looking for a new apartment. So many aspects of your life will be affected – regardless of whether you’re a single college student looking for off-campus housing, a retiree, an empty nester, or if you have a family. It’s a big decision so we’ve whittled it down to the general top 5 must-haves for people looking to start a new life adventure in their awesome new apartment.

Cut Down the Commute

HART Bus in Tampa
HART Bus in Tampa. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone wants to cut down the hours they spend traveling to work and a shorter commute is a big selling point. Work-life balance is what we are all trying to achieve. We want to sleep longer in the morning and spend more time with the kids. Some of us want to fire the dog-walker so we can take the walks ourselves. Our Garden Communities properties are all strategically placed near major highways, so if you are headed to Tampa or Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

Like to take public transportation? Whether you’re a commuter, an empty-nester, or a college student – riding the bus allows you time to either sit back and read a book for pleasure or cram for an exam. All our communities are within walking distance to public transportation. Go anywhere you want within Hillsborough County or Brevard County and save your gas money for a delicious meal – which leads us to our next category.

Dining Options Galore

Sunglasses and a Cocktail on a table outdoors at American Social in Downtown Tampa
American Social in Downtown Tampa. Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is nothing worse than living out in the boondocks, with just a few local take-out options. In places like these, to get a decent dining experience you must spend most of your precious time driving. Living in a neighborhood that has a wide variety of restaurants is a major plus for not only foodies, vegans or vegetarians, but also people who live a busy lifestyle or have active social lives. Some college students eat nothing but pizza. Good food does more than just sustain our bodies, it feeds the soul.

Schools & Libraries

Rockledge High School in Brevard County Florida
Rockledge High School, in Brevard County, Fl. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Florida is not just a place to flock to during Spring Break, it is home to excellent public school systems and top-notch universities. So, if your little one is headed to kindergarten or you are looking for the best location for your first off-campus apartment, Garden Communities has exactly what you are looking for.

Parents will often choose their apartments purely based on the school district their children will attend. While Florida has an amazing educational system overall, some school districts offer things that others don’t. Perhaps your little one plays in the band, competes in Math-A-Lons, plays lacrosse – every parent wants to give their children a chance to blossom and learn.

Moving to your first or third off-campus apartment? Affordable luxury living and being close to campus are key – it means getting to hit the snooze button one more time and even getting another study session in before a big exam. Our communities are near various universities in both Hillsborough County and Brevard County.

Nothing Beats the Beaches

Overview of sand, jetty and water at Clearwater Beach, Florida
Clearwater Beach. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Florida has some of the most breath-taking beaches in the country. Live the dream all year long and take weekend getaways to various beaches along the coast. In Tampa, you have some infamous Spring Break beaches, but since you are a resident, you can enjoy them all year long. Get a tan at Clearwater Beach, take a walk down Fort de Soto Park, and jump the waves on Davis Island Beach.

Beaches aren’t just for hitting the waves, you can go treasure hunting on various beaches in Brevard County. Take your metal detector and look for some loot on Melbourne Beach or The Sebastian Inlet. And let’s not forget the surfers who like to hit the waves on Cocoa Beach. Got a furry companion? There are plenty of pet-friendly beaches, like Canova Beach that allows dogs to come for a run and lap up the waves.

A Million Ways to Beat the Heat

Palm trees, restaurants, and store fronts at Cocoa Village in Cocoa Beach, Florida
Cocoa Village in Cocoa Beach. Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are over the sun and are looking for something fun to do to beat the heat – there are a multitude of options. You can shop till you drop at the various shopping outlets. Cocoa Village is one of the most popular shopping areas in Brevard County. There are antique shops, sewing shops, specialty food stores, the options are endless. Want a pirate costume? No problem.

If you move into our Compton Place Apartment Community, you can go to the Market Square at Tampa Palms and go zip-lining, try rock-climbing walls, play dodgeball and if you’re old enough to know better – jump around on a trampoline – all at The Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. Got kids, no worries – they have a place for under-7’s where they are guaranteed to have a good time and a safe experience.

Speaking of kids, if you are after a family adventure – Florida is the place to be. There is a plethora of parks located along the Space Coast. One of Melbourne’s national parks, Wickham Park hosts 133 campsites complete with biking and hiking trails, an archery range, horse-riding station, and more. Something for every age and every member of your family – and golf enthusiasts. And if you or someone you love is into golf – Florida is the place to be.

There is an abundance of public golf courses in Tampa and Hillsborough County that cater to golfers of any skill or age. Take for example, Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club in Palm Harbor, named one of the best Florida golf resorts by Golf Digest. It’s Copperhead Course hosts the PGA Tour’s Valspar Championship every year, so if someone you know fancies his or herself a pro, make sure they sign up for membership, after you’ve signed your new lease.

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