You Know You’re From Tampa When…

The City of Tampa is the largest city in Hillsborough County and is the third most populous city in Florida. The population of the city represents approximately one-third of the total population of Hillsborough County (

Tampa is more than just that. For all of our Tampa people and our future Tampa people (who won’t get these jokes yet), here are some of the best tid-bits about Tampa.

You know you’re from Tampa when:

  • You know it will rain between 2 and 6 pm during the summer.
  • You wear Tank tops and Flip Flops 365 days a year.
  • There is a Publix on every street and you know to get the best sushi there.
  • You’ve memorized where every bar is in Ybor and know there’s only really 3 worth going to.
  • Gasparilla and Guavaween are holidays.
  • Your only visits to Tropicana Field are when The Rays are playing The Yankees or Red Sox only to cheer for the Red Sox or The Yankees because who really likes The Rays anyways?
  • Your family is originally from the North.
  • You meet at least two people from out of town every week.
  • Every bar is open till 3am, then after that everyone is at the casino till 6am.
  • You consider ‘Citrus Park’, ‘East Lake’, and ‘Countryside’ cities.
  • ‘Green Iguana’ is more to you than a reptile.
  • Anything below 65 degrees is FREEEEZING… but you’re wearing sandals anyway.
  • You know Tampa can be divided into sections…East, West, North, South and that each area is a city in itself.
  • You know that Florida really can’t be called the South or anything else for that matter it is its own entity.
  • You have gone to Four Green Fields alone and walked away with four new friends.
  • You have seen a Bucs player return a kickoff for a touchdown.
  • You devoured one of Aunt Nina’s devil crabs at Brocato’s Sandwich Shop in Tampa.
  • You’ve gone to a bar on a boat. Yes, this requires a rich friend and possibly swimming to shore. But if you put your wallet in a plastic bag, you’ll be fine.
  • You have downed a fried grouper sandwich at Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill in Clearwater.
  • You used Mons Venus as a landmark when giving directions to a Dale Mabry establishment.
  • You enjoyed the flamenco dancers at the Columbia.
  • You’ve watched an episode of Cops and said, “Hey, that’s Tampa.”

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