Tampa Bay’s Most Haunted Places

Boo! That may not have scared you but our list of Tampa Bay’s most haunted places sure will!

Don CeSar Hotel

Don CeSar Hotel Garden Communities

Source: Instagram, @drossa

This gorgeous hotel built in 1928 is a monument to the builder Thomas Rowe’s long lost love. The legend goes that during Rowe’s youth, he traveled Europe and saw a production of the opera Maritana. It was during this production that he met the love of his life, a raven-haired girl named Lucinda. However, Lucinda’s parents did not want the two to be together so they kept them separated by not allowing them to send letters to each other. When Rowe moved to St. Petersburg later in his life, he decided to build this wonderful piece of architecture in honor of Lucinda.

There have been stories that Rowe still haunts the halls of his masterpiece. Guests have even said that a man has greeted them as they entered the foyer with a welcoming smile and disappeared before their eyes. Others have reported seeing a man walking in the gardens or along the beach with a raven-haired woman in Rowe’s signature white suit.

Tampa Theatre

Tampa Theatre Garden Communities

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Built in 1926, the theatre houses unique décor to impress any moviegoer: gargoyles, tapestries, a ceiling that looked like stars with the 10,000 bulbs and more. The projectionist from 1930 died in the projection booth and he just never left. Many have said they have heard doors slam and even the power turn off without anyone doing so.

Ybor City

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During the day Ybor City is filled with visitors shopping and dining in many of the restaurants. However, once nighttime hits, the party heats up. Along with the hundreds of partygoers that come to dance and drink the night away, there have been reports of ghosts and hauntings for many years.

They are said to be the spirits of soldiers who took shelter in the city during the wars, cigar makers who worked in the plants, and the ghosts of those who died in 1908 during the great fire. Let’s not forget the Ybor City was famous for the gangsters who lived and worked there centuries ago. The most famous ghost is probably the wailing lady who resides at Tampa’s Historic Cuban Club. The story is that the lady was shot unfortunately during a political debate. Police have said that they have seen her screaming and running away.

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