St. Petersburg: Local Facts & Information About the “Sunshine City”

An Overview of St. Petersburg, FL

Located in Pinellas County, FL, St. Petersburg can found on the west side of Tampa. This Florida city is a popular destination for tourists, thanks to the popular beaches in the surrounding area, including the Fort De Soto Beach. Thanks to the area’s consistently good weather and low cost of living, many people move here every year. If you are interested in learning more about St. Petersburg, please continue reading.

Founding of St. Petersburg

Downtown St. Petersburg
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St. Petersburg was officially founded in 1888, many years after the land was purchased by John C. Williams in 1875. Peter Demens helped co-found the city, and played a key role in bringing the Orange Belt Railway to the area. By 1892, St. Petersburg was officially referred to as a town once it gathered a population of about 300 people. The incorporation of a railway significantly helped the development of the surrounding area.

The city got its name from Saint Petersburg, a major city in Russia that Demens grew up in when he was young. A common story told is that Demens got to name the city after winning a coin toss against Williams. The St. Petersburg Times, which was established around this time, became the first major newspaper to debut in the Tampa Bay area.

General Information & Fun Facts

St. Petersburg Port
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As of the 2017 Census, St. Petersburg is estimated to have a total population of 263,255. This currently makes the city the fifth largest one in Florida. As of 2016, the median household income is estimated to be around $48,183. The lower cost of living makes this a popular destination for people interesting in moving to Florida.

Some citizens like to shorten the name of this city to just St. Pete. St. Petersburg is frequently referred to as the “Sunshine City,” thanks in part to a Guinness World Record it holds for logging the longest stretch of sunshine in the country. Starting in 1967, St. Petersburg had 768 consecutive days of sun in the sky.

Transportation Options

Residents of St. Petersburg have many options to choose from if they need to get around the area quickly. Public transportation is offered by the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, which operates buses that travel across the county. The Cross-Bay Ferry is another available option, and it connects St. Petersburg to downtown Tampa via the Tampa Bay waters. St. Petersburg also features the Looper, a trolley service people can use to get around the Downtown St. Petersburg area. Anyone who needs to fly out-of-state can use the Tampa International Airport or the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport.

Education & Notable Schools

St. Petersburg College
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St. Petersburg is served by the Pinellas County Schools district, which currently operates 5 public high schools in the city. A few of these schools include St. Petersburg High, Lakewood High, and Northeast High. St. Petersburg is also home to the Science Center of Pinellas County, a non-profit organization that teaches people of all ages about the potential behind science and technology.

The city is also home to some of the best colleges and universities currently offered in Florida. Some of St. Petersburg’s most well-known schools include the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Eckerd College and St. Petersburg College.

Notable Locations in St. Petersburg

The Dali Museum
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Residents and tourists alike enjoy the wide selection of attractions that St. Petersburg has to offer. St. Petersburg is well-known for being close to many of Florida’s most popular beaches, such as the Fort De Soto Beach and the St. Pete Beach. In addition, Downtown St. Petersburg is famous for its collection of shops, restaurants, museums, and performing arts events. The city is also famous for housing the Tropicana Field, the official stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team. The Dali Museum is another famous destination, as it houses a selection of surrealist along a waterfront area. People come from around the world to visit the different landmarks and attractions St. Petersburg has to offer.

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