It is a Winter Wonderland in Tampa, Florida!

After the excitement of Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice lattes have faded and we find ourselves in the thick of December, if you find yourself struggling to find fun winter activities to take part in while in Tampa, look no further! Believe it or not there is a winter wonderland to be had, and there are activities for everyone. From ice skating to holiday light shows or simply enjoying nature, there are plenty of ways to have a blast during the winter months in sunny Tampa, Florida.  

Cozy Winters with Garden Communities Florida 

Mordern high ceiling kitchen at The Landings At Cypress Meadows
The Landings At Cypress Meadows

Does it get brutally cold in Tampa during the winter months? Usually not, but the summer temperatures do drop off into crisp mornings and evenings where a light jacket is necessary, comfort food recipes come out of the recipe box, and the desire to stay inside beats out a beach day.  

There is no better way to spend a winter evening than in one of your very own Garden Communities Florida apartments curled up on your sofa in a spacious and luxurious living room, sipping on a warm cup of tea while enjoying a movie night. Or cooking your favorite comfort meal in your fully equipped kitchen. With Garden Communities Florida, you can have it all! 

For those who enjoy entertaining guests, the clubhouses at The Landing at Cypress Place and Compton Place are the ideal gathering spots for hosting friends and family. You can even cook up a delicious winter feast in their fully equipped kitchens and dining areas. With Garden Communities Florida, you can celebrate winter in style and comfort. Their properties offer a retreat from the cooler Florida weather, allowing you to relax and enjoy the season to the fullest. So why not celebrate winter with Garden Communities Florida and create unforgettable memories in the comfort of your own space? 

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Spend Some Time with Animals 

zebras showing affection to each other

There is no shortage of animal centered winter fun in Tampa. From the Lowry Park Zoo to the Florida Aquarium winter events are in abundance! 

Florida Aquarium’s Holiday Lights 

Jelly Fish

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing underwater wonderland at the Florida Aquarium’s wintertime events. From the Penguins and Pancakes breakfasts where visitors can eat breakfast with penguins to taking a ride on the aquarium’s catamaran to see the holiday lights from a unique perspective, the Florida Aquarium has many attractions for all ages. Perhaps the coolest (pun intended) attraction is the snow play area. This area allows children to have a sensory filled experience with snow. Something Florida kids may not get to experience often! 

Lowry Park Zoo 

lowry park zoo
Christmas in the Wild, Lowry Park Zoo Source: Yelp

It is no secret that the Lowry Park Zoo is a wonderful place to learn and experience your favorite animals up close. That is no different during the winter months! “Christmas in the Wild” features the zoo decorated with twinkling lights, special animal experiences, and festive treats.  

Visit a Theme Park 

christmas town at busch gardens
Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Source: Yelp

Many of Tampa’s theme parks have winter centered special events for the thrill seekers. Whether you are an adult looking for a fun night out or a family needing a fun day experiencing the rides you cannot miss with a day at the parks! 

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens 

Step into a winter wonderland at Busch Gardens and experience the magic of their festive lights. The park is transformed into a dazzling spectacle with millions of twinkling lights, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere. Take a stroll through the park, marveling at the stunning displays and enjoying the holiday-themed decorations. 

Sports Centered Adventures 

ice skaters in Curtis Hixon Park
Winter Village in Curtis Hixon Park Source: Yelp

Are you the more active and sports centric type? Tampa has an array of exciting things to fulfill that athletic bug in you as well during those winter months. From Ice Skating (yes, ice-skating), golf, and nature inspired activities you will be sure to burn those calories this winter. 

Ice Skating in Tampa? Yes! 

Strap on your skates and get ready to glide across the ice at Winter Village in Curtis Hixon Park. This charming outdoor ice-skating rink is the perfect place to embrace the winter season and create lasting memories with family and friends.  

Tampa TopGolf 

This popular entertainment venue offers a unique twist on mini golf, allowing you to enjoy a round of golf while sipping on delicious hot cocoa, cocktails, and food. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or a beginner, you will have a blast playing on their climate-controlled outdoor bays.  

Enjoy Nature at Lettuce Lake Park 

This beautiful park offers a wide range of activities for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll, go birdwatching, or rent a kayak and explore the scenic Hillsborough River. With its picturesque views and peaceful ambiance, Lettuce Lake Park is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. 

Markets, Live Entertainment, and Fireworks 

Hyde Park Village
Hyde Park Village Source: Yelp

If you like to stroll through a picturesque town while listening to live local artists, then Tampa is the city for you. Whether you are shopping through Hyde Park Village or ringing in the New Year with Channelside’s yearly fireworks display the Winter will fly by. 

Hyde Park Village 

Hyde Park Village is the place to be! With a variety of festive and winter centric events and activities, you will have a blast getting into the season. From tree lighting ceremonies to holiday markets and live entertainment, there is something for everyone at Hyde Park Village. Enjoy sipping on a hot beverage as you browse through the beautifully decorated shops and boutiques or join in on Trivia Nights at Irish 31 Hyde Park Village is a surefire way to have a jolly good time this winter in Tampa! 

New Year’s Fireworks in The Channel District 

Count down to the new year in style at the Channel District’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Celebrations! This epic event is a must-attend for anyone looking to ring in the new year with a bang. Channelside comes alive with live music, street performers, and a festive atmosphere that will have you dancing the night away. As the clock strikes midnight, prepare to be dazzled by a breathtaking fireworks display that lights up the Tampa sky.  

Tampa Winters 

Wintertime is just as exciting a time in Tampa, Florida than any other time of year. It is a city with rich activities for any age. Whether you are looking for a cozy night in or to take in everything the city has to offer you will not be disappointed.