The Best of Brevard County, FL: Great Businesses, Schools, & More

What Makes Brevard County Special?

Lots of people move to Brevard County each year, due in part to the region’s consistently sunny weather. Besides that, Brevard County has a lot of history behind it, and many of the businesses and attractions found here are known throughout the country. From the Kennedy Space Center and beyond, there are a lot of interesting establishments in Brevard County. If you are interested in moving to Brevard County, we invite you to spend some time learning about some of the best businesses and attractions located here.

The Best of Brevard’s Businesses

When discussing the most well-known establishments in Brevard County, you have to talk about the Kennedy Space Center. The county’s income skyrocketed after the Space Center opened in 1969, since it made the area extremely attractive to tourists. Besides that, the Space Center opened up thousands of jobs in the county, and even contributed to the local agriculture.

Brevard County is home to several well-regarded businesses and organizations, which is part of the reason why its economy remains strong to this day.

Besides the Kennedy Space Center, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is another well-known organization in Brevard County. Located in the same area as the Space Center, this refuge protects several species of plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals, including some species identified as endangered. One other well-regarded organization is Health First, a non-profit group that has provided healthcare to Space Coast citizens since 1995.

Top Schools

Brevard County is known for its educational facilities, and several of the schools here rank among the highest-performing schools in the state. For residents looking to move to Melbourne, Palm Bay Magnet Senior High School is a great school with a robust selection of after school activities. Stone Magnet Middle School is another excellent school, thanks to its intuitive science program.

Excellent Restaurants

Source: Yelp

Food lovers can rejoice, because Brevard County’s restaurants are some of the best you will ever visit. Florida is known for its seafood restaurants, and Florida’s Fresh Grill is one of the best in the county. The menu features plenty of options, including calamari, coconut shrimp, crab cakes, lobster bisque, and more.

The Tiny Turtle is another popular destination, and offers a wide selection of Caribbean cuisines, including wraps, sliders, nachos, quesadillas, and more. If you are looking to cool off, you can go to Oasis Shaved Ice in Cocoa Beach to pick up some shaved ice, as well as a few other snacks. There are many other places where you can pick up delicious food in Brevard County, so foodies will love living here.

Landmarks & Other Attractions

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The Kennedy Space Center is not the only reason people are drawn to Brevard County; there are plenty of other great attractions and landmarks nearby. Brevard Zoo is one of the most well-known zoos in the country, as it houses more than 195 species from Florida, South America, and beyond. Another interesting destination is the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, a collection of vintage warbirds and restored aircrafts.

Thanks to its view of the ocean and large selection of shops, the historic Cocoa Beach Pier is another popular destination in this county. Lastly, the Exploration Tower is an architectural wonder with excellent observation decks. There are plenty of other interesting landmarks to visit, including the Melbourne Beach Pier, so there is plenty to see in Brevard County.

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