10 Great Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Tampa, FL

The Best of Tampa, FL

With an estimated population of 392,890 as of 2018, Tampa is one of the most populated areas in Florida. The lack of income tax makes living here quite affordable, and people love the sunny weather. Not to mention, the local attractions and beaches are also very attractive to people out of state. If you are on the fence about moving here, take a few minutes to check out some of the great things you can experience as a citizen of Tampa.

1. Low Taxes, No State Income Tax

Doing Taxes

Tampa is an attractive place for apartment renters because there is no state income tax or estate tax in Florida. In addition, the combined tax rate for Tampa is currently 8.5%, thanks in part to Florida’s low state tax of 6%.

Couple this with quality apartments you can get at lower prices, and it is not hard to see why so many people move to Tampa each year. These factors make Tampa especially attractive to people who are looking for a place to retire.

2. Consistent, Sunny Weather

Sunny Sky

One thing that Tampa is known for is its consistently sunny weather. Since Florida is close to the equator, the sunlight produced is very strong around here. This is why the temperature typically stays above 70 degrees, even during months that are known for having cooler temperatures.

In fact, the sunlight in Tampa is so strong that snowfall is extremely rare, even during the harshest days of winter. If you would like to have nice, sunny weather throughout the year, Tampa is the place you want to be. Because of this, you can still do a lot of fun things outside during the winter.

3. Great Beaches

Clearwater Beach

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Florida’s excellent position along the East Coast gives it a selection of excellent beaches. Tampa is home to some of the most popular beaches in the country, and thanks to the great weather you can visit them at almost any time of the year!

Clearwater Beach, Fort De Soto Park, and Davis Island Beach are just a few of the excellent beaches you can visit here. There are plenty more to check out besides these three, and the gorgeous white sand and the beautiful views of the ocean make these beaches a sight to behold. You can usually find some nice restaurants and shops nearby as well.

4. Travel Options

Florida is a popular tourist hub, and as a result there are plenty of travel options available if you need to get around quickly. If you need to travel out of state for a business trip or to visit family, the Tampa International Airport is close by.

On top of this, several bus, taxi, and car rental services operate here, so getting around the local area should not be a hassle. You can even use the Coast Bike Share service if you want to rent a bike that you can use to get around town fast.

5. Excellent Selection of Schools & Colleges

Parents looking to move to Tampa with their kids will be able to take advantage of some of thebest schools Hillsborough County has to offer. From Freedom High School to Gaither High School, the Hillsborough Public School District operates some of the best educational facilities in the state. According to Orlando Sentinel, Florida ranks 3rd in the country for student performance in AP classes.

Tampa is also known for its local colleges and universities. Students can choose to attend the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, or Hillsborough Community College.

6. A Great Place for Sports Fans

Tropicana Field

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If you are a fan of sports you are in luck, because Tampa has no short supply of great sports teams. For football fans, you can watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Raymond James Stadium. Our local baseball team is the Tampa Bay Rays, and games can be viewed at the Tropicana Field.

Tampa Bay Lighting represents the region in hockey, and you can watch their games at Amalie Arena. Basketball and soccer are also played here regularly, so fans of several different sports will have plenty to do throughout the year.

7. The Wide Selection of Restaurants & Cuisines

If you like sampling new dishes, then Tampa is the place for you. The restaurants in Tampa cover a wide range of cuisines, including seafood, Mexican, Italian, Indian, and Brazilian, to name a few.

There are plenty of great establishments to visit, including Wright’s Gourmet House, First Watch, and On Swann. If you want to go out for dinner, there are lots of options to choose from. Many local restaurants offer vegan options as well, so you will not have to skip out on a trip for dinner if you would rather avoid meat.

8. Great Golf Courses

Golf Ball Near Hole

Another thing the Tampa Bay is known for is its unrivaled collection of golf courses. Thanks to Tampa’s warm weather and gorgeous landscapes, golf is a popular pastime here, and there are plenty of great places to check out if you want to play a round of 18 holes.

Set in a vast cypress forest, the Westchase Golf Club gives you a great view of the local wildlife as you play. If the weather is a bit rough outside, you can visit Topgolf, a premier indoor golf complex that houses a bar for food and drinks. If you love playing golf, you will love living in Tampa.

9. It’s Easy to Stay Physically Active

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa was ranked as one of the most active cities in the country. Tampa’s abundance of sports facilities, golf courses, and jogging trails are attractive to people who want to play sports and stay physically active.

In addition, the city hosts several excellent gyms and fitness clubs, and their low admission rates make them especially attractive. The warm weather helps quite a bit too, since it motivates residents to spend more time outside.

10. Theme Parks, Aquariums, & More

Busch Gardens Coaster

Source: Yelp

Lastly, one of Tampa’s other defining features is its extensive selection of attractions. From Busch Gardens to Adventure Island, residents of all ages will have a great time visiting all of Tampa’s excellent amusement parks.

Anyone with an interest in aquatics will enjoy visiting The Florida Aquarium and getting a firsthand look at the sea creatures that are under protection. In Tampa, there is no shortage of things to do and see. Check out our handy guide that tells you everything you need to know about living in Tampa. 

Florida is a great place to live with so much to offer and Tampa is certainly a jewel of the state. Is your interest piqued? If so, consider renting an apartment in Tampa, courtesy of Garden Communities Florida.