Apartment Move-in Guide: Handling the Process Without Any Headaches

Moving into New Florida Apartments with Ease

The process of moving into a new apartment can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time doing so. There are several things you need to manage, and a single misstep can set things back quite a bit. Now that you signed your lease, you can start taking the proper steps to move in. Fortunately, you can make the entire process a lot easier for yourself by making preparations early. Having everything ready to go well before the move-in date will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Reading this guide will ensure that you and any other residents have a stress-free move.

1. Try Moving on a Weekday

When moving into a new apartment, see if you can schedule your move-in day for the middle of the week, like on a Wednesday. Most people move on weekends, so finding a company that is available on Saturday and Sunday can be difficult. Less people move during the week, so try to plan your move around that fact.

And since demand isn’t quite as high during the week, the moving fees won’t be quite as expensive. Moving into a new apartment can cost a bit, so take any opportunity you can to save some money.

2. Get Your Movers Together

Family carrying boxes up stairs

One of the best things you can do to ensure a smooth move-in process is to hire a moving company well in advance. Doing this early will ensure that you get to work with your preferred movers before all their reserved spots are taken. Ideally, you want to make a final choice at least a month or two before moving day.

To simplify the process further, ask friends or family members if they are available to help that day. Doing this early is also recommended, as this will give them time to adjust their plans if they are willing to help. If you wait too long your friends may not be able to accommodate.

3. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Before you move into your new apartment, you should get rid of some things you don’t need any more. Doing this gives you less things to move, and will make moving in a lot easier. It also gives you more space to add other things, like brand new décor, once you are finished moving in.

Try listing your old furniture online, or hold a yard sale to see if anyone wants to buy some things from you. You also have the option to donate books and clothes to a local charity. That way you can contribute to your community before you leave, all while lessening the load you need to carry on move-in day.

4. Update Your Mail Address & Transfer Utilities

Stack of Mail & Envelopes on Table

The move-in process can get overwhelming, but you can’t forget to notify your local postal office about your change in address. Call your local post office so you can let the staff know your new address. That way, they can forward mail to the new unit at least a week in advance. You have bills to pay, and you literally can’t afford to have them lost in the mail.

You should also take the time to inform your current utility providers about your move. Call your providers so they know to transfer everything over to your new apartment. You want to make sure all the utilities are turned on before move-in day, after all.

On a side note, be sure to supply these companies with the address for your specific unit, and not the one for the entire complex. Also, don’t forget to change your billing address on any accounts you have!

5. Start Packing Early

The actual process of packing things can be a pain, but it’s something you have get done early. Waiting too long only to pack everything creates more stress, since you will have to do it on top of everything else. We recommend that you start the packing process at least 2 weeks before you move out.

Start by packing anything that you don’t need to use immediately. There will be things you still need to use in your old living space, and they can be kept out until the day before you move in. Make a list of essential items so everyone knows not to pack them up until later.

Here’s an extra tip: pack heavier items into smaller boxes so you don’t have as much trouble lifting them.

6. Take Photographs

Woman shooting a photo with a camera against a white background

While you are checking out your new apartment, it would be wise to take some photographs. If any damage occurs to the unit before you move in, you could be held responsible, even if you didn’t do anything. Having photos of each room will help protect you from potential fines.

To save yourself additional trouble, you also should take some photos of your old living space before you leave. Make sure all the rooms have been emptied, and take a photo of

each one. This offers you protection if any damages occur to the old unit before someone else moves into it.

On a final note, take photos of important items that are going to go with the movers. That way, you can get compensation if anything is broken during the move.

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