Why You Should Move To Florida From Out Of State

Every state has its charms, but Florida truly is in a league of its own. From graceful palms and warm weather to cost-effective living and social life, it’s waiting for you to call it home. It’s a big decision to move to another state, but rest assured, once you’ve settled down in Florida you won’t want to be any of the other 49 states. Don’t believe it? Here are some of the top things that Florida locals love about the Sunshine State… 

No Income Tax 

One of the biggest draws to Florida is how affordable it is. The state has NO income tax. That’s right. Dollars you’ve been making in your current location stay yours. Imaging what you’d do if you could save an extra 5-9% of your hard earned cash each year? You could invest, learn a new skill, take more vacations, get that dream car… the possibilities are yours in Florida. Want to learn more about Florida taxes? Check out the State of Florida’s Tax Guide

Beautiful Weather All Year 

Residents of Florida often consider the state to be paradise on earth. This is truly the Sunshine State with beautiful weather all year. The average low temperature is about 65˚F and the average high is about 77˚. Keep in mind that this is the average for all 4 seasons, so no matter how you cut it, it’s always beach weather! While your friends up in Virginia are deicing their cars in December, you’ll be strolling under palm trees with a light jacket and sunglasses.  

*As with all tropical climates, hurricanes can hit the state, but the government takes all precautions. Buildings meet strict codes to withstand the storms to improve all resident safety. 

Gorgeous Beaches 

Florida is a peninsula, which means that it’s surrounded by water on three sides. This means that except for the part of the state that borders Georgia and Alabama, there’s sand for miles and miles with views of some of the most beautiful water in the country.  

Have a taste for adventure? Then Florida is calling your name. Florida’s famous Treasure Coast is home to several shipwrecks and treasure hunters often take up the search. Dive down or breakout your metal detector to see what lost secrets of the past you’ll discover. While a nice tan is a benefit of our sunny state, there are also many other things at our Brevard County beaches where you can get more than a tan

Diverse Cities  

Florida is a cultural melting pot and its cities (like Tampa) are colorful with eclectic cuisine, roaring nightlife and business on the rise. In fact, it’s in the top 10 of the most diverse states! Universities in Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee and so many others, boast excellent higher education for students looking to study out of state for their degree. The diversity in the cities will broaden horizons and immerse them in a community of forward thinkers.  

Sports Are BIG 

Florida is known for its great professional and college sports, and the locals are passionate about their teams. But Florida doesn’t have to be for Florida teams. If you’re moving here from out of state, you can watch your original home team play in one of the many stadiums. If you’re a baseball fan, chances are that your favorite team has spring training in Florida where you can watch their practice games! 

You can find a list of spring training teams and their locations in Florida here

It’s The New Scene 

A Family on the Beach

It’s time to get rid of the idea that Florida is only for retirees. People of all ages are flocking here. Students thrive in the local schools & universities. Young adults and savvy families are noting the trends and making the switch into the new hot spot of business early. Given the economic state of northern cities, like NYC, work is slowing, rent is rising and people want out. Construction companies are looking for new real estate for commercial business and Florida is projected to be the it place. Not convinced? Check out 10 great reasons you should move to Tampa, FL

In short: get in now ahead of the game! 

Garden Communities Has Your Ideal New Home 

An artist rendering of the condos at Palm Springs

Garden Communities has many rental apartment communities to meet your every need. You want to be close to work and the beach? Done. You want pet-friendlyluxury living? We’ve got it. All of our communities are designed to give you the all-inclusive lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of with incredibly spacious apartment and private outdoor space.  

Moving to another state can be difficult. Garden Communities makes it easy.