10 Reasons You Need to Move to Tampa Bay

Tampa was just chosen as one of the best cities to move to by CNN. Maybe it’s the lower cost of living or wonderful school system? Check out our list of 10 reasons why you need to move to Tampa Bay.

  1. Sports! Sports! Sports!
  2. When you live in Tampa, you will come to know and love the major sports teams in the area.
    Sports! Sports! Sports!

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  3. Sunny days are here to stay
  4. Tampa actually holds the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive days of sunshine.
    Sunny Days

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  5. Low Taxes
  6. We know we have to pay them but in Tampa sales tax is only 7%. Don’t forget there is state income tax in Florida as well.
    Low Taxes

  7. Travel is just so easy
  8. Tampa International Airport or "America’s Favorite Airport," will be in your backyard as well as ports, highways and Amtrak.
    Travel Easy

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  9. Latin flavor   
  10. Spend the night out on the town enjoying the Latin Quarter of Ybor City.      
    Latin Flavor

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  11. Brewing beer is big business
  12. Some of your favorite beers are brewed right in Tampa. You can also catch an awesome tour!
    Tampa Brewed Beer

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  13. Amazing education
  14. Florida leads the entire country in the amount of high school students taking AP classes. What a bunch of smarty-pants!

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  15. The beach basically
  16. Our beaches in Tampa are just so gorgeous. Maybe that’s why we have a lot of people visiting us.
    The Beach

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  17. Always something to do
  18. You never even have to leave your new town. There are fairs, festivals, art crawls and tons more.
    Always Something to Do

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  19. City or country living
  20. In Tampa, you can have the option to get a great apartment rental or enjoy living in a house. You can live in modern building or something historical. Whatever your taste, Tampa is sure to have it.
    City Living or Country Living

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