Moving Into Brevard County: The Best Reasons to Live in Melbourne, FL

Why You Should Move to Melbourne

As of 2017, Melbourne, FL is estimated to have a population of 82,011, making it the second-largest populated city in Brevard County. Thanks to affordable living costs and a plethora of interesting attractions, Melbourne is an attractive place for home owners and apartment renters alike. As a result, it is considered one of the best places to live in Florida.

Have any interest in moving to Melbourne? Keep reading and get an in-depth look at the reasons why so many people like to call this city home.

Affordable Living Costs

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One of the main reasons why Melbourne is considered the best place to live in Florida is because of its reasonable living costs. Compared to other cities across the country, buying a house or renting an apartment can cost a bit less. This is mainly because there is no state income tax for Florida citizens, so home ownership can be considerably cheaper. Our Melbourne community, Harvard Apartments range from $1030 to $1405, and are among the cheapest communities we offer. Consider moving to Melbourne if you want to save money on a house or apartment.

Fun Outdoor Activities

Man Surfing Melbourne FL

If you are the type of person who likes to be physically active, then you should consider moving to Melbourne. This city features opportunities for several fun outdoor activities, including boating out on the ocean. Melbourne is also home to several great fishing spots, such as the Ballard Park and Port Canaveral.

Surfing is also popular during the summer, and there are many popular surfing spots to find along the Space Coast. If you fancy a little camping, you can visit one of the many local campsites, including the one at Wickham Park. These are just a few of the fun activities you can take part in as a citizen of Melbourne, and there are plenty more to check out.

Quality Schools

Palm Bay High School
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If you want to give your kids a good education, Melbourne is home to some of the best schools Brevard County has to offer. Some of these high-performing schools include Palm Bay Magnet Senior High School and Suntree Elementary School. The teachers at these schools are hard-working individuals who promise to give students everything they need to succeed.

In addition to public schools, Melbourne also houses a collection excellent colleges and universities. In particular, the Florida Institute of Technology and the Eastern Florida State College are two of the best options for higher education in the state.

Anyone looking for a strong education will be happy with Melbourne’s offerings.

Landmarks & Attractions Galore

Brevard Zoo Melbourne FL Source: Yelp

One other thing that Florida is famous for is its selection of world-famous attractions and landmarks. Just an hour outside of Melbourne is the Kennedy Space Center, the iconic space facility that helped give the Space Coast its name. The popular Downtown Melbourne area has history that dates back to the 1800’s, and offers plenty of options for shopping and entertainment.

One of Melbourne’s most popular attractions is the Brevard Zoo, a facility that houses and protects over 195 species from Florida and beyond. A little over an hour away from Melbourne is Orlando’s SeaWorld, a park filled with rides and aquatic-themed entertainment. There is even more to check out, so look online to see what else Melbourne has to offer.

Florida is a great place to live with so much to offer and Melbourne is the place for all adventurers. Has this information convinced you? Consider looking at the Melbourne apartment communities owned by Garden Communities Florida.